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NS Milwaukee Bucks He has finished his championship, winning one of the strangest seasons in NBA history.

Bucks worked hard to win the war of attrition between the countless man games and league-peripheral COVIDs that lost injuries and the competitors whose season had subsided due to health misfortune.

It’s a great achievement and should be praised, but in many cases the NBA champion is judged by the year of the title, as well as by the play of the following year. Whether fair or foul, the greatest champions in history are those who have been able to repeat the title, or at least bravely defend it.

There is no brilliant one-hit wonder in the NBA.

This season may be tougher than last season, but it’s important that Bucks face this challenge. Here are three reasons why this team can live up to this expectation, starting with the most obvious.

Why the door is open for Milwaukee Bucks repeats: 3.They have Giannis Antetoukounmpo

Janis Adetokumpo Great on a historic level Against Phoenix Suns at the NBA Finals. Sands simply didn’t have an answer to him, even though he had a great young big in the form of Deandre Ayton.

Antetokunpo is still suffering some negative effects from overstretching his knees at the Eastern Conference Finals (final performance is much better), but he will sooner or later return to shape. And because he is so physical, he can’t stop at night, even if he doesn’t have full power.

If Bucks has Jeannis at the peak of his power, they have every opportunity to repeat as an NBA champion. Without him, they are dead.

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Three reasons why the door is open for title repeat Three reasons why the door is open for title repeat

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