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Three smartest dividend stocks to buy for $ 800

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No investor has timed the stock market well. Even billionaire Warren Buffett doesn’t try it because he knows it’s a waste of time. However, even just $ 800 can be successful.The important thing is to buy the smartest one Dividend stock.. Whether the market is skyrocketing or declining, companies do it.

Assets you must own

Imperial oil (TSX: IMO)(NYSE: IMO) is the most Large income provider With TSX. This dividend payer belongs to a small number of selected people who buy without worry today, regardless of the economic environment. The $ 29.44 billion crude oil and gas producer was founded in 1880 and began paying dividends in 1881.

Since that time, Imperial Oil has not missed a single dividend payment. Management has also raised dividends each year since 1995. It’s also a great opportunity to take a position given the fierce performance of the energy sector in 2021.

Imperial Oil investors are $ 41.79 per share, enjoying a year-to-date profit of 76.92% in addition to a dividend yield of 2.35%. If prices continue to rise, overall returns can be high. The company has had a great year, with an average net loss of $ 357 million in the same quarter of 2020, while net income in the first and second quarters averaged $ 379 million.

Overlooked dividend aristocrat

Most investors are focused on Canada’s Big Six Bank, Canadian Western Bank (TSX: CWB).. In addition to being a Schedule I bank, this lender is a Super Regional Bank. Given the CWB, if you own an asset you can sit down quite a bit Dividend aristocrat Status.

The $ 3.34 billion bank raised its dividend for the 28th consecutive year. CWB has been stable since last year. It returned 43.23% in one year and increased by 35.72% year-to-date. Market analysts recommend a strong buy valuation and predict that prices will rise from $ 37.90 to $ 41.92 (+ 10.6%) over the next 12 months.

Year-to-date CWB net income growth in 2021 (9 quarters ended July 31, 2021) was 28% compared to the same period in 2020. “We continue to drive strong growth in low-cost branch-raised deposits, and quarterly loan growth is one of the strongest levels in history,” said Chris Fowler, President and CEO. I’m continuing. “

Management expects adjusted earnings per share to increase by 20%, ending the year. Fowler acknowledges CWB’s remarkable lending growth for its prudent lending structure. Banks are also the strongest deposits raised at branches.

An industry with solid fundamentals

Characteristics of automobiles (TSX: APR.UN) is an attractive option for income investors. In addition to high yields, the Canadian automotive industry is resilient. The $ 469.92 million Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) owns 66 car dealerships for mass market segments or high-end buyers.

Due to the strong fundamentals of the industry, the rental business survived the recession in 2020. Considering the business results of REITs in the first half of 2021, strong sales have returned. From a net loss of $ 7.6 million last year, management reported a net profit of $ 44.18 million. ..

In addition, we have collected 100% of the rent to be paid in July and August 2021. Automotive Properties trades at $ 12.72 per share, and if you invest today, you will pay a large dividend of 6.3%.

Top choice

Canadians only need to choose a reliable income provider with a capital of $ 800 to generate a source of income. The three dividend stocks we are focusing on are the top choices for business resilience and payment consistency.

Three smartest dividend stocks to buy for $ 800 Three smartest dividend stocks to buy for $ 800

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