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New Orleans Pelican Lonzo Ball # 2 (Photo by Jonathan Bachman / Getty Images)

New Orleans Pelicans do not live up to the high expectations many have had for them coming this season.

Even though they are guided by very young players, including Zion WilliamsonThe addition of Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball, Steven Adams and Eric Bledsoe believed that the team could be a candidate for the playoffs.

They still have time to turn things around, but New Orleans Pelicans now look much more Like a lottery candidate rather than a playoff.

As the trade deadline approaches, Pers will make some difficult decisions against guys like Ball, JJ Redick and Bledsoe, The latter two are much more likely to be traded.

There are many questions towards the second half of the season, and there are interesting stories that will dominate the upcoming story.

New Orleans Pelican: Will Pell be a Buyer or Seller by Deadline?

With only a few weeks left until the closing date, Pell has to decide whether they will be buyers or sellers.

They are starting to appear not to be buyers because they are not one or two players away from the competitiveness at the Western Conference. Pell is likely to be a seller unless they find a deal for someone who fits their future plans.

But what they do will give us good signs of the future, especially when it comes to it. Lonzo Ball.. If Pell does not trade Ronzo (It seems unlikely at this point) Then indicates that he will try to re-sign him in the off-season.

This will probably require you to move out of Redick and redeem your Bledsoe for an expired contract before it expires.

New Orleans Pelicans are unlikely to take action with this year’s playoffs in mind, so what to do with veteran guards will be future-proof.

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Three stories that follow the second half of the season Three stories that follow the second half of the season

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