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Salt Lake City, Utah – November 18: Toronto Raptors Malachi Flynn # 22 (Photo courtesy of Alex Goodlett / Getty Images)

NS Toronto Raptors Could have won a very impressive victory against Milwaukee Bucks It’s Thursday night, but the team still has high mountains to climb. Bench players like Chris Boucher and Precious Akiuwa do not do a good job of backing up stars like Fred VanVleet and Scottie Barnes.

The Raptors are currently standing at 10-13 and will remain in the lottery again at the sudden super-competitive Eastern Conference. As with some stars, some of the works Masai Ujiri relied on this year haven’t fully realized their potential.

Whether it’s a veteran who couldn’t maintain peak performance or a young player who hasn’t checked all of the development milestones this team wanted to check, Toronto has some appeal from their rotation. I was disappointed with the performance.

These three players need to turn things around as soon as possible. They didn’t live up to the expectations placed in front of them when the season began, but there’s still time to put this campaign in the right direction.

The three Toronto Raptors players were disappointed this season.

3. PG Malachi Flynn

The first round of picks before saw a player like Desmond Bane, who remained heavily rooted in the bench and was drafted after becoming a legitimate star player. Darano Banton Was thought to be a development player, but he soon took the San Diego State product in rotation.

Flynn scored 7.5 points per game in about 19 minutes per contest, but averaged about 9 minutes each night, averaging only 2.7 points per game. Flynn makes only 34% of the shots. This indicates that player development is stagnant.

The Toronto Raptors PG Malachi Flynn isn’t playing like the picks in the first round.

The fact that Flynn allowed a newcomer to the NBA in the second round to take his job with a question about his aggressive ceiling is very worrisome. Toronto chose the 2022 option, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be back in the Raptors next year.

Injuries always occur at some point, and Flynn can become the player who sees the maximum rise in minutes. That said, he lacks the chance to prove that he can stick to Nick Nurse’s rotation. Maybe a stint in the G League could help him rediscover self-confidence for offensive purposes.

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Three Toronto Raptors who didn’t live up to expectations in 2021 Three Toronto Raptors who didn’t live up to expectations in 2021

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