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Lake Buena Vista, Florida – August 29: Kyle Korver # 26, Milwaukee Bucks (Photo courtesy of Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

The Toronto Raptors can look to the free agent market to awaken this team.

The cut-off for the 2020-21 season is still very early, but the Toronto Raptors don’t look like the team that won the title two years ago or the young group of electricity that made a fuss with the Disney bubble. In 1-4, a futile sign that only Washington Wizards preyed on, Nick nurse Masai Ujiri must be aware that something needs to be done to reverse the fate of Toronto.

If Ujiri wants to look to the free agent market to add depth to give Toronto a seasonal spark, these three veterinarians look perfect.

One of these three veteran free agents may join the Raptors in the coming weeks.

3. Kyle Korver

Despite the fact that he will turn 40 in March, no NBA player has been able to build such a long career behind certain skills like Korver, who are likely to be of interest to candidates. I don’t. Korver, who led the league four times with three points, was a valuable member of the Bucks team and won first place seed. Forty-two percent of his three have almost achieved their goals in his career. 43% success rate of 3 points. The Raptors are struggling to make a lot of attacks, even if Fred VanVleet returns, and Korver can still put the ball in the basket.

Toronto knows that Korver is not going to offer much in terms of ball handling and defense. However, Nate Björkrenless’s attack is one of the worst in the league. It ranks 22nd in the league because it’s not a sustainable clip if the Raptors want to turn things around and bring it into the postseason. Korver doesn’t completely solve Toronto’s offensive problems, but he’s a credible veteran who can regularly nail the opportunity to catch and shoot, making it a big piece of the Raptors’ offensive puzzle. There is a possibility of becoming.

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Three veteran free agents who can now help Toronto Three veteran free agents who can now help Toronto

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