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Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

The Atlanta Hawks have high hopes for this season and one of their goals is to play off. What can they do to reach their goals?

The· Atlanta Hawks Fanbase has experienced a lot over the past few seasons, but there’s a new problem with the town and he’s right next to the State Farm Arena.


If you hear Charles Barkley Say you know on your TV that something bad is being brewed for your favorite team.

Last season, Berkeley assured the Portland Trail Blazers to dominate the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round of the playoffs. It didn’t happen.

He also ensured that the Los Angeles Clippers would wipe out the Denver Nuggets in the second round. Also, it didn’t happen.

Well, Berkeley is back in another season, and he has a new goal: the Atlanta Hawks.

Before the opening round of the Nets Warriors season began, Berkeley “guaranteeed” the Hawks to play off this season. Fortunately for him, he wasn’t the first to make this statement.

Last season, head coach Ryodo Pierce said the Hawks were a playoff team. With the growth of young cores and the sprinkling of veteran players, the statement doesn’t sound half bad (even the bad voodoo of Berkeley).

If the Hawks want to play off this season, there are some things they have to achieve.

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Three Ways Hawk Playoffs This Season Three Ways Hawk Playoffs This Season

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