Throw an American truck sim taxi in the trash with a hamburger and coffee cup

Tell us what you want about American Truck Simulator drivers, but they are shimmering housekeepers. They don’t have crisp packets to betray the long hours spent on wheels, sitting in their clean truck taxis. Really, it’s all a little sterile. Thankfully, this week’s Cabin Accessory Pack can destroy your place with sticky nicknames and abandoned meal deals and reduce the sterility of your home a bit on the go.

Available on Steam for £ 2.89 / € 3.99 / $ 3.99, the Cabin Accessory Pack allows you to dress up your taxi with over 100 different tools, decorations and flat trash. After all, if you’re staring at the same window for hours, it’s a good idea to enjoy the scenery.

While SCS Sofware truck sims have always been a daunting task in trucking logistics, this pack is a welcome step to characterize the person holding the steering wheel. There are hardware-oriented branded baseball caps, toolkits and spare batteries for tourist flags, and warm blankets to fit their long midnight haul.

The good news is that there are also mini-mart foods and drinks that you can keep around the taxi. I sincerely hope that you will not get drunk on the street from a water bottle or 6 packs of sake. Even unbranded fruit loops and stack boxes. Of a hamburger at a gas station.

I love that the pack also contains all this junk. I personally prefer huge internet spaceships to 18-wheeled vehicles, but the cockpit of games like Elite: Dangerous tends to feel a bit boring with just strange bobblehead dolls and strings of Christmas lights. The space has a homely atmosphere. If you’re jumping to the edge of the galaxy, you definitely want to ring the ship with a semi-finished instant noodle box and a dozen stained glass coffee mugs.

Sure, you may not be able to trick the truck into making it look like Japan’s incredibly stylish decorator rig. But if it makes my digital cab look a bit like the mess of my real desk, I think it’s a win.

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Trash up your American Truck Sim cabin with burgers and coffee cups

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