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Everyone who knew I was raised wanted to go to the ambulance crew. Or it could be an astronaut or a soccer player. I wanted to be Luke Skywalker. Little I couldn’t fully understand that it wasn’t exactly the job-obviously I now know that the job is a Jedi, and it’s still absolutely possible-but I Knew that was what I wanted to do in my life.

Luke Skywalker, a close friend of Harrison Ford, has an incredible humming sword and can fly the largest spacecraft ever created. It’s done. X wing. I made cardboard boxes and furniture in an X-Wing configuration, and one day I was a Knight Rider KITT, but one day I was cheerfully barrel-rolling in a fight with my sister’s doll, grandma’s Airedale Terrier, and Meggie. Meggie wasn’t good at becoming a rival TIE fighter pilot, but he was a pretty decent AT-AT.

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Now imagine a world where I’m a little older and can be a Luke Skywalker maneuvering an X-wing. With the advent of Star Wars Squadrons, I finally got the Star Wars dogfight game I’ve always dreamed of, but if you’re really going to inspire your old imagination – and get a cardboard box or oversized No dogs – you’ll need a flight stick. Thrustmaster will help you. With SpaceSimDuo you get two flight sticks instead of just one.

The Space Sim Duo consists of two T16000 flight sticks. Immediately considered one of the best midrange sticks. If you’re interested in a regular flight sim to Earth, you really only need one, but when unleashed in a weightless environment, its dual set-it makes a lot of sense to suddenly rise.

The T16000 mixes plastic and metal components and feels firm and firm in your hands. On the other hand, its black and orange color scheme can give just the right amount of weight to future fantasies without looking like the horror of aliens popping out of the desk. On top of that, when you put your hand on each stick, the base glows orange and, despite being very simple, it really adds to the experience. Not only does it feel like you’re about to go on an excursion to a spaceship, but you too.

Each T16000 has an embarrassing and potentially daunting array of control inputs that, when combined, provide 42 buttons, sliders, triggers, and directional inputs. It runs per game, but you can customize the controls to fit exactly what you’re running. However, if you forget something, you may need a sticky label. Star Wars Squadrons can easily identify both sticks and can be configured to customize the layout without friction.

Each stick control boasts a clear orange plastic trigger that produces a satisfying click each time you press it. It’s not as industrial as the metal HOTAS Warthog, but it feels sturdy and capable of handling hundreds of hours of digital laser cannon firing. It also has three slightly clunky sounding input buttons that are easily accessible with your thumb, and a directional hat. These are primarily used to look around the cockpit and look at the space beyond, but there are two so you can use one to select a weapon or change the battle mode of the ship.

Moving to the metal base, there are 12 more input buttons and thrust sliders. I must admit that I’m not a big fan of this style of sliders. It works in a pinch, but it has a short range of motion and is not in the most natural place with only one stick. As you can see in the HOTAS setup, I always choose the full thrust unit, but in the dual stick setup there is another option.

Added thrust control to the Star Wars Squadrons left stick and used a pair of inputs at the same time to riot. You can add a dedicated thrust unit to this setup, especially if you’re feeling flash, but it’s much less necessary, at least for things like Star Wars Squadrons. For example, if you’re flying long distances in the elite, you may need something less energetic. For example, it’s dangerous, but for space combat games, I can’t recommend it anymore.

Both T16000 sticks are fully customizable depending on the hand you are using, with a replacement handrest and a switch under the base to select the hand you are using. I don’t know the need for it as part of a dual setup, but it gives me some flexibility if I’m lending it to a friend of a potential pilot who’s trying to hire a rebel or a stinking empire.

As you would expect from a Thrustmaster, the pair of T16000 sticks boast just the right level of tension. Includes a patented HEART sensor that faithfully reproduces all movements on the screen and accurately detects even small movements. There is no option to change the stick tension that is worth remembering, but to be honest, I don’t think it needs to be changed. I used the pair for hours before I started getting tired, and the base is just right heavy so I wouldn’t go anywhere unless you really want to recreate your ship being blown up.

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Thrustmaster T.16000M Space Sim Duo Review

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