TIFF 2021 Review: Lioness Roaring Hill – “Each character is complex and layered”


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“Young people have a lot to say, but they are rarely asked,” said the writer director. Luana Bajrami Before the debut of her first feature film, The hill where Lioness roars.. Vajrami, who played a supporting role in Céline Sciamma, was only 20 years old. Portrait of a Lady on FireIs the story of three young women trying to escape from the small town of Kosovo.

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Qe (Hula Karatifi) I have decided to enroll in a university. She doesn’t want to be like a beautician’s mother, even though her father wants to work in a family salon. Meanwhile, her friend Lee (Ella Baray) She has a mother who encourages further education, but in most cases she can go back and get a better job to help her family. Then there is Jeta (Urate ShabaniThe uncle terrorizes and abuses her. Each young woman has a dream, longs for independence, and desperately wants to escape from the already planned future. A future shaped from discrimination and the ideals of patriarchy to thrive in their remote towns.

When Lena (played by Vajrami) returns from France to her native Kosovo and studies there, the girls are given a window to another kind of life. What they can make their own choice. What they consider to be exciting and promising. With the new motives behind them, they just need the means, and the trio quickly form gangsters and steal to make the money they need. Three young women have become predators, but their actions must have consequences and escape from oppression is uncertain.

The hill where Lioness roars Is reinforced by its three major leads. All of these leads, surprisingly, have few movie credits to their names because of their existence. Each character is complex and layered, with different motives for independence driving central performance. Whether you sunbathe yourself and your hopes on their hills or enjoy their hunting plunder, this pride of Lioness is undoubtedly fierce.This is captured by shooting from Hugo Patchoulel It provides memorable shots, but always focuses on these women and their stories at any stage of evolution.

The movie takes 45 minutes to actually show, but once it’s shown, it’s reminiscent of it. Bring ring, Even though those girls had different urges to drive their actions. But this part of the story is short and underutilized given the way we get there. Therefore, pacing is a bit unplanned and truncates the finale. But Vajrami isn’t aiming for a decent happy ending here, and she’s not far from the despair faced by her character.

For the first-time director, Bajrami has an impressive look and her voice has a lot to say, but I hope it’s set for a future where it can be heard. Clearly.

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TIFF 2021 Review: Lioness Roaring Hill – “Each character is complex and layered”

https://www.liveforfilm.com/2021/09/13/tiff-2021-review-the-hill-where-lionesses-roar-each-character-is-complex-and-layered/ TIFF 2021 Review: Lioness Roaring Hill – “Each character is complex and layered”

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