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Lee Trevino talks about Tiger Woods:

Lee Trevino, statement

“Now that I’m 82, I’m in Las Vegas every week. It stays in Las Vegas.

I had a great conversation yesterday. beautiful. It will be a headline. You write about it, and if you see it, you understand it. Anyway, you write something, it’s not true, so go ahead. I read it every day. You haven’t got anything from me.

I know when he will play and when he will not. He has already told me all that. He and I are good companions. We were fine — I have known him since he was eight years old. I am very grateful to him. I know what he is experiencing.

I’ve experienced these back operations and more, and whatever the time limit you give him, he beats it. “With a new career as a mental coach, and some of the best golfers in the world. Difficult times to drag them to success and support them.

This seems to have been undertaken (even in the name of friendship) by Michael Phelps, the most decorated athlete in the history of the Olympic Games. Many great golf enthusiasts define him as the “secret weapon” of the green totem. For example, John Lam, who is number one in the world rankings, and Jordan Spieth, Texas, who returned in 2021 after a long crisis. Be amazed.

“He’s a good guy. He has a lot of experience as a sportsman and he’s the best Olympic athlete ever and has a lot of tricks. It’s clear I asked him. I’m not going to do it, but I can say he helped me a lot in the last period.

“These are revelations of the Spanish Ram. For the legendary swimmer, nicknamed” Baltimore Shark, “the important word came from the 12 / o Spieth in the world rankings today. “The spiritual side is what I’ve been working on. Lots with him lately.

I’m really lucky to have him. Besides, he is a big fan of golf and it is an added value to have him more and more in our world. This is the opinion of Spieth, who played the BMW Championship Pro-Am with Phelps yesterday. Playoffs for the PGA Tour starting today in Owings Mills, Maryland (USA).

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“Tiger Woods reveals his plans” “Tiger Woods reveals his plans”

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