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TikTok abandons plans to shop in the U.S.

TikTok is popular in Asia, but after failing to launch in the UK, it abandoned plans to bring shopping to the United States. The company also planned to expand into mainland Europe, but those plans were abandoned.

What happened in the UK? Several UK team members working on the launch were demoted after taking a vacation, became ill due to stress, or were completely removed from the client project. The Financial Times Report: Report:

TikTok plans to expand its live e-commerce initiative in Europe and the United States after the social media platform’s entry into QVC-style shopping in the UK has suffered internal problems and struggled to attract consumer attention. Abandoned […]

However, the expansion plan was withdrawn because the UK project failed to reach its goals and influential people dropped out of the plan, the three said.

Many Tik Tok Shop livestreams are sluggish despite offering grants and cash incentives to encourage brands and influencers to sell through the app.

Difference in culture. TikTok and the UK have a share of cultural conflicts.Last month report There was a complaint about “a positive corporate philosophy that goes against typical British labor practices.”

Joshua Ma, a senior ByteDance executive who ran the Tik Tok Shop in Europe, was replaced after investigating comments from London-based staff that they “did not believe” maternity leave.

At least 20 members of London’s e-commerce team (about half of the original staff) have left since the launch of the TikTok Shop, but others say they are on the verge of resigning. Two employees have been paid a settlement on working conditions […]

Members of the London e-commerce team started early to respond to calls with China, ended late in the evening due to the more successful live stream, and immediately submitted a “feedback report” to submit a “feedback report” 12 days a day. He said he expects to work more often than hours.

Convenient timing. The news is only one after the U.S. FCC reportedly asked Apple and Google to remove TikTok from the app store after it was leaked that the app was accessing U.S. user data. It will arrive in a week. Since then, TikTok has promised to make changes. Could the decision to abandon shopping in the United States be at least partially related to privacy and data concerns?

Why do you care? Advertisers and e-commerce business owners who were looking forward to promoting their stores with the new shopping features need to be reassessed. But given the problems TikTok is facing lately, it’s not surprising that more advertisers are starting to move away from the platform. We don’t know what big move TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, will make in response to these developments, but we’ll keep an eye on it.

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TikTok abandons plans to shop in the U.S. TikTok abandons plans to shop in the U.S.

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