TikToker KommanderKarl reloads household objects like FPS weapons

Kommander Karl is the creator of TikTok and aims to teach his followers about animations and games. And some of his TikToks have recently become viral as gamers find him to have a surprisingly compelling long-running series. In “Reloading Things,” Kommander Karl carefully took out dozens of common household items and turned them into sick weapons for fictitious FPS games.

Don’t do it sound It sounds like a big achievement, but when you look at his actions, you realize that it has a certain art. And it’s especially impressive given the range of mundane household items he “reloaded”. This includes Dyson vacuum cleaners, children’s pop-up toys, toasters, and a few other items that don’t really need to be reloaded. It’s no wonder this was originally viral. If you are familiar with FPS games, you will probably be amazed at the accuracy of his efforts. Everything looks exactly right, from how the weapon bobs to the timing of the “animation”.

Kommander Karl puts this into science. For example, this is how he reloads the toilet paper blaster. Frankly, I’m fixed. Just in the bathroom, I feel like I’m in the world of Doom. If you do, Bathdoom.

Kommander Karl is currently on Twitter, And he will continue to post on TikTok, uploading new entries in the series and other content related to games and animations. Every time I find myself tired of the Reloading Things series, there is a new perspective on the concept and a new tickle. For example, how do you reload a toaster? I didn’t know how to answer this question before, but now I can.

This project reminds us that even small elements of the game can stick to us, like the understated reload animation of FPS games.It sometimes reminds me how I think of a single line from Starcraft Sound effects when the unit or Mario jumps, even decades later. Sometimes the strangest things stay with us and we celebrate them in an interesting way. In the case of Kommander Karl, he can reproduce it in many household items and the end result is excellent.

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