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Tilting Point will invest up to $ 60 million in acquiring users for Loop Games Match 3D games.

Inclined point Spend $ 60 million on user acquisition Match 3DA promising puzzle game by Turkish developer Loop Games.

Tilting Point is a free-to-play game publisher and provider of user acquisition services. It works with small developers to pick up their hit games and make them more successful by spending money on advertising the games.

The deal will take place just a month after TiltingPoint announces that it will spend $ 10 million to acquire users for South Korean developers to make a similar deal. Dangerous Fellows of StorytacoAnd that was also after TiltingPoint announced that Korean game publisher JoyCity would invest $ 40 million to fund the acquisition of users to sell mobile strategy games. Gunship Battle: Total Warfare..

Loop Game Trading will fund App Store Optimization (ASO) and potentially other future services for Tilting Points to fund $ 60 million worth of user acquisition for Match 3D in 2021 Therefore, it could be the largest tilting point ever. By performing these tasks for the developer, Tilting Point offloads the very important task of drawing attention to the game, allowing the developer to focus on improving the game. This is part of what Tilting Point considers to be progressive publishing, starting small and building relationships with developers over time, Tilting Point president Samir Agili said in an interview with GamesBeat. Stated.

“We have always been a pioneer in publishing models,” says Agiri. “We really look at the ecosystem of the market and offer something that has a big impact. Our slogan, the concept of growing your game, is at the heart of everything. Building a new game I’m not. I’m taking something that exists and accelerating it. “

Especially for loop games, developers handle many tasks, such as the actual execution of user acquisition, but it’s clear that Tilting Point could be even more useful, and the money certainly makes a difference.

“Our approach has always been to believe in the notion that developers and publishers work very well only if they take a progressive approach to partnerships. Before you get married. This concept of dating. The concept is clear and developers learn if the publishers they work with really make a difference. “

Origin of trading

Above: Match 3D tests your memory.

Image Credit: Tilting Point

Tilting Point started working on Loop Games in June. Prior to that, Match 3D had 500,000 active users (DAUs) per day. Since then, it has grown more than five times to 2.6 million DAU. Overall, Match3D has been downloaded over 40 million times.

Agili said Loop Games is another example of the success of Turkish mobile game developers (Purchased by Zynga Three billion-dollar Turkish mobile operators).

Match 3D tests the player’s memory to match a pair of mixed 3D objects. It was the most downloaded free iOS game in the US in December after being in the top 50 free downloads in the US for the past 6 months.

Match 3D started as a prototyped game in just two weeks from the Ankara-based Loop development team in Turkey. Loop Games is headed by founder and CEO Mert Gur, who develops 20 mobile games in a variety of genres, with the goal of providing players with relaxing games.

Gur’s achievements include being awarded the TOGED (Game Development Association of Turkey) Kristal Piksel’s Best Game of the Year and being part of a team of two selected as part of Google’s Indie Game Accelerator Program. It is included.

Gur said in an email to GamesBeat that he likes to use Tilting Point. This is because the company was able to expand the game within a year without being tied to an old school publisher or abandoning its stake. You can also increase the competitiveness of loop games by scaling up.

“There is real competition in the mobile gaming market,” Gur said. “Therefore, if you have a powerful game, you want to spend a lot of money to get users to enter the market to compete with clones and other competitors. UA’s money will increase. Means more players. We still follow a very aggressive UA strategy that allows us to stay on top and beat our competitors. “

Play a role

Match 3D

Above: Match3D has been downloaded 40 million times.

Image Credit: Tilting Point

Based in New York, Tilting Point is partnering with game developers through a constantly updated $ 132 million annual investment user acquisition fund. Agili said the company has become an important part of the ecosystem as the major acquisitions have led to the integration of the mobile gaming business. When large companies buy game studios, Tilting Point helps identify new leaders in user acquisition deals with smaller studios. As such, TiltingPoint is one of the new kingmakers in the gaming industry.

And it worked fast in loop games, Gur said. There are a handful of people in his company.

“We started using them [user acquisition] A treasure chest of war within a week or two, “Gur said. “This helped us compete. We now have a really great relationship with Tilting Point and would like to work with them in the next title.”

The most successful games at Tilting Point include Star Trek: Timelines, Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest, SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off.

“We are here to find the smallest company that can grow to the maximum and do it without being acquired,” Agiri said. “Now there is definitely a path to acquisition, but our first positioning will help indies expand and improve the game.”

According to Agiri, the system works at tilting points, as it starts with companies that have already achieved some success. Tilting points don’t require you to invest money in many companies to find a company that has a hit game. Find the hits and make them bigger hits.

“These companies aren’t the first pitch to go see VCs,” Agili said. “Their company released the project on their own, and found that they now need to accelerate.”

Together with some developers, TiltingPoint takes the progressive relationship even further. The company may co-develop the game with the developer, or it may acquire the developer altogether.

“Our position is always to continue to provide our partners with expertise and tools, potentially building co-developer relationships with them, and potentially it makes sense for both of us. If so, we will make an acquisition. In general, equity pieces occur further downstream of progressive publishing. “

Road ahead

Match 3D

Above: Loop Games is one of Turkey’s most popular new game studios.

Image Credit: Tilting Point

There are both great opportunities and challenges for the future.

“We’re blocked, and that’s getting a lot of involvement and attention in the game,” Agiri said.

At the same time, Apple is rocking the industry with a shift that emphasizes user privacy over targeted advertising. This means that game companies will not be able to access user data from the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). This makes it difficult for some game companies to find users with targeted ads.

“This will really affect the ecosystem again, and some games will be winners or losers,” Agiri said. “I think we can really help many developers who will be adversely affected by this.”

Agili believes that more intellectual property and cross-platform games will be seen as a result of the IDFA changes, and other strategies will emerge in the coming months.


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Tilting Point will invest up to $ 60 million in acquiring users for Loop Games Match 3D games. Tilting Point will invest up to $ 60 million in acquiring users for Loop Games Match 3D games.

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