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Mark Baron never actually sees the field in his Denver Broncos uniform.

Broncos abandoned the linebacker less than four months after signing the linebacker on Tuesday. After Broncos signed him in late August (hamstrings, pectoral muscles), Baron suffered multiple injuries and spent time on both the injured list and Game Day inactivity.

That’s a disappointing ending for linebackers, who were considered a sneaky good sign for the team just before the start of the season. Broncos has long needed a versatile linebacker, especially one that can cover tight ends. Baron was probably seen as a man who could do that, especially since he began his career as a safety.

To win the Barron’s roster, Broncos officially moved Parner Motley, who took off from the San Francisco 49ers practice team last week, to an active roster.

Baron has enjoyed a solid career with three different teams as a pick for the first round of the past. However, Broncos felt useless at this point in the season due to missed practice time and field personnel.

It’s a shame to see him go. Had he been able to stay healthy, he would have been able to easily push to play time with a particular package.

Baron, who turned 31 in October, has to wait for other teams to give him the opportunity to continue his career. Broncos could even take a different perspective on him if he could prove to be 100% at some point.

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Time with Mark Baron’s team is over Time with Mark Baron’s team is over

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