Timed Exclusive Tomb Raider Transaction Costs Microsoft $ 100 Million

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Exclusive rights come with a price (Photo: Square Enix)

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Xbox is limited to one year and is not cheap.

One of the big challenges in covering the video game industry is determining whether the game was successful (which is becoming more and more difficult as digital sales become more and more popular) and how much it will cost. It’s difficult to do.

Movie studios aren’t completely transparent about that, but you always knew how much each movie was made and how much it would cost, at least before the streaming took over during the pandemic. In games, you rarely find either.

Even more mysterious is how much publishers pay for “money hat” third-party games. That is, to make it a permanent or time-limited exclusive game in a particular format. A franchise as big as Tomb Raider was found to have a progress rate of $ 100 million (£ 72.7 million).

In 2014, the Xbox situation wasn’t working. PlayStation 4 is far ahead of the Xbox One, and Microsoft had little first-party exclusivity that everyone cares about, so they used almost unlimited cash reserves to ride Rise Of The Tomb Raider for 12 months. I made it an exclusive right.

As you can imagine, after the first game of 2013 was well received in all formats, this immediately confused PlayStation fans and tried to completely upset the reboot trilogy.

They didn’t really say that much, but Microsoft said that Uncharted 4 was coming out that year and they were looking for a direct competitor to call them. It was pretty clear that I chose Rise Of The Tomb Raider. This didn’t work at all when Uncharted 4 was postponed until the following year.

In fact, the deal didn’t seem to work for everyone, as the game wasn’t selling well on the Xbox and wasn’t what it expected when it first appeared on the PlayStation a year later (as far as everyone knows).

No one but the two companies would know the cost of the transaction without the fact that a former Square Enix executive mentioned in LinkedIn’s profile, but Fabien Rossini has exclusive rights to Tomb Raider on the Xbox. It specifically mentions the negotiation of multiple transactions worth $ 100, including. NS’.

He’s probably rounding up or exaggerating to make it look good, but if it’s a stadium where these deals work, it’s not surprising that this kind of deal doesn’t happen every day.

The most important of these days are from Sony, which has tied Bethesda’s titles Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo for a year as a PlayStation 5 monopoly, and Spider-Man as a Marvel’s Avengers monopoly character.

Neither is exactly on the same scale as Rise Of The Tomb Raider, but the two, less prominent Bethesda games seem to have been about the same amount as the sequel to one Tomb Raider.

Given that it was Microsoft’s motivation to buy the entire Bethesda, the lesson that they shouldn’t pay for a timed monopoly in a tremendous $ 7.5 billion deal doesn’t work as expected. It seems to be because of it. ..

Even the Spider-Man deal seems to have been a bad choice, especially given that the Avengers game is a surprise flop and character inclusion hasn’t been mentioned again in recent months.

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Timed exclusive Tomb Raider deal cost Microsoft $100 million

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