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Khrys Williams: Tim Bradley Riding Errol Spence The case that blamed him last night Terence Crawford The fight didn’t happen, saying Erroll was trying to cash out before he retired.

Talking about ESPN, Bradley asked why IBF / WBC welterweight champion Spence (27-0, 21 KO) was interested in being promoted to middleweight. Canelo Alvarez Without facing Crawford (37-0, 28 KO) fighting in the same division as him at 147?

ESPN commentator Bradley hasn’t said that Crawford has already claimed to get out of the fight with Spence and win a 60-40 split.

Spence recently offered Crawford a fair split of 60-40 or 70-30, but he was unwilling to agree. Crawford wants most of the fabric, but he can’t get it because Spence is on the A side.

At this point, Spence isn’t worth the confrontation with Crawford because it’s financially meaningless. Crawford isn’t famous for casual boxing fans and wants too much money to make it happen.

Bradley: Spence vs. Crawford Doesn’t Happen

“It won’t happen, I don’t think it’s happening,” Tim Bradley told ESPN in the battle between Spence and Crawford. “Why do you go up and face Canero?, But you never face Terence Crawford in the same weight class as you.

“It’s a matter of money for him [Spence].. I think Spence is there for now. If you make a mistake, please correct it. He just wants to get some money and leave the gameThat’s it, “Bradley said of Spence.

Errol has too many options to waste time fighting Crawford when it comes to large-scale fights with Canelo Alvarez, Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter and Manny Pacquiao.

Although Terence is talented, he was unable to build a fan base because of his style of fighting and his modest attitude to market his match.

Crawford’s personality is too modest and retired, so fans can’t get excited about his fight.

Also, Crawford wasn’t fighting the right type of opposition to make him more popular where he needed to fight Spence, Pacquiao, and other PBC fighters. ..

The only way the fight makes sense for Spence is to get a larger slice of the pie. Crawford promoter Bob Arum may not be willing to fight unless it’s a 50-50 deal. Spence certainly doesn’t intend to do so.

I hate to say that, but Crawford’s final fight against Kell Brook may be as good as he gets. Brooke was the biggest battle in Crawford’s career, three years too late.

Crawford signature with PBC does not change anything

“He’s not going to fight Terence Crawford. Even if Terence Crawford jumps on a ship and goes to PBC from there, I haven’t seen the fight yet.

Canelo Alvarez Errol Spence Jr. Terence Crawford Timothy Bradley

“And I support it until they actually sign the fight,” Bradley said.

Khrys Williams agrees Bradley that if Crawford signs the Premier Boxing Champions, he’s still unlikely to get a fight with Spence

It is not his promoter that prevents Crawford from fighting Spence, Thurman, Porter, Danny Garcia and Pacquiao. It’s true that he is unpopular and has too much money.

If Crawford agrees to split 70-30 or 80-20 against PBC fighters like Spence and Pacquiao, he will probably get the fight in a second.

In the case of Pacquiao, he would want a huge sum of money to confront Crawford, and the match wouldn’t bring enough pay-per-view purchases to cover his guaranteed wallet.

If Crawford’s battle failed to generate a substantial purchase, would Alm want to be a hook to cover Pacquiao’s huge purse? Alm wouldn’t want to take a bath in that battle.

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Timothy Bradley says Spence has cashed out and isn’t going to fight Crawford ⋆ Boxing News 24 Timothy Bradley says Spence has cashed out and isn’t going to fight Crawford ⋆ Boxing News 24

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