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Like many, my day begins with Joel Fagliano of the New York Times and his mini crossword. Then I’m sad to note, my days are often downhill. I don’t have to unravel the clues, so it’s been an hour so I can put the letters in a small box. That’s wrong. Fariano can make one of his minis every day-it seems wrong to ask for more. Still, the day is long and the mini is a mini.

That’s why Tiny Crossword is so much fun at Apple Arcade. I missed this because it was an App Store game, but Arcade is working to focus on things. Tiny Crossword crosswords are American style. Sadly, there is no cipher. So the true crossword glory is elsewhere, and there are people who know which words represent anagrams and which phrases should think about the International Circular Mark. Instead, you get the fun of a straight Q & A, which is really great! This is what Fagliano trades in (although it can be a bit mysterious when he wants it). If, like me or Joey Tribbiani, your idea of ​​crossword clues is “three letters: not a dog …” instead of “strange resonance-it’s noisy (10)”, you’re here Will make you very happy.

Tiny Crossword + crosswords are often small and look like a Mini. They are also nice breeze. In many cases, you don’t need to glance at the clues below. They take a few seconds, and you can chew an amazing amount in one sitting. The campaign takes you all over the world and there are boosters and what you have, most of which can be ignored.

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Things are expanding and there are actually quite large crossword puzzles and fairly urgent challenges. But there is that too-I did it! -Daily challenge to unlock in the first few minutes. A mini away from the mini. Some clues and the day look bright again.


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