Tips for a successful Fortnite game

Fortnite, a very popular Battle Royale (BR) phenomenon, attracts players from all over the world. As the game continues to grow and attract more players on gaming PCs, phones and consoles, winning becomes more difficult. Here are some tips to help you get the game done. Whether you’re a well-established player or just getting started, there may be something to help your Fortnite game succeed.

How to win

Being a BR game, the most important goal is to be the last person (or team) to stand on the fictional Battle Royale Island.

The game begins when a modified floating bus, called a battle bus, passes through the island and all 100 players skydive to the ground. As a terrifying stormy circle approaches you, it’s up to you to find enough loot and build an effective fortress.

As the circle gets smaller and the storm gets stronger, players have to fight to win the game and survive. It’s a very simple premise, but it captures the love of games around the world.

kick off

Decide where to jump

Deciding where to jump will determine the tone of the rest of the match, so it’s important to understand it correctly. Most of your opponents land in named locations such as Dirty Dock or Misty Meadows, or in areas near the center of the island.

Fortnite beginners are less likely to land in densely populated areas and are advised to land away from the flight path (the direction of the battle bus). Perhaps hold on to the end of the flight path and stop at an unnamed area. You’ll have to travel farther than most to get into the circle, but with good setup you’ll benefit later.

Be aware of where other players are landing. If they are already heading to the place you plan to go, it may be worth finding another place away.

However, if you feel you can rush forward more boldly, you can land in a densely populated area and return to yourself to win the early battles. The risks are much greater, but the rewards are better because these areas hold better loot.

If you use this approach, it’s much more effective than trying to mow your enemies with an ax, so try to find a weapon before joining the battle. Assault rifles or SMGs are great weapons for beginners, but shotguns are great for close range combat due to their high damage and potential for one-hit kills (very useful when exploring tight spaces). ).

Find good loot

Before you can get the best loot, you have to know what to look out for. Gears are displayed in 6 colors to determine the level.

  • Gray – general
  • Green-rare
  • Blue – rare
  • Purple-Epic
  • Orange – Legendary
  • Gold-Mystic (Special Event)

Not only are you keeping an eye on the loot treasure chest, but you can also hear it through the wall, so don’t listen. Listen to the loot chest above you. You need to build a lamp to get these so that you don’t take the floor or chest together. Loot chests are great to find, and only a handful are displayed at a time.

Attack and defense

There’s more than one way to win on Fortnite, so here are some of the different approaches you can take to win that win. You can decide to use all of them in combination throughout the game.

Please proceed quietly

Remember that Fortnite’s purpose is not to get the most kills, but to be the last person to live. Your opponent may finish out of the top 10 even if you have 5-6 kills registered, but you can finally get a quick kill to win the game.

Most players try to stay clear enough as the threat of a storm is imminent throughout the game. That’s why some people think of staying at the edge of the circle and using it in their favor as a legitimate tactic. First of all, you can attack at less angle, but you also have the opportunity to sit firmly while the enemies crush each other. It’s very unlikely that you’ll be attacked from behind, so you’ll have time to prepare for the endgame. Remember to pay attention to where the storm is heading and how long it will take for the storm to start moving again. If you have all the kits just to be eliminated by the storm, kick yourself!

Of course, you will have to stay very quiet. You don’t have to be asked in areas where you are most likely not alone. It slows you down, but crouching is a very effective way to keep you quiet – you can still move around, but don’t draw your attention to yourself. As added in Chapter 2, vehicles are a good way to navigate the map, but they are very noisy! When you move around in the car, your attention is focused only on you. If you’re out of danger, probably use them.


During the game, especially in the second half of the game, it can be almost impossible to avoid Fire Fight. If you see or hear players engaging nearby, you need to be careful when deciding whether and when to approach. You can easily be defeated if you see them have a lot of firepower. If multiple people are engaged in combat and you suddenly appear, they can turn you on very easily and exceed your number.

The best way is to sit firmly and wait patiently. If you encounter a fire fight, it’s best to wait until the end. The combatants involved thought it was over and were probably damaged. This is where you can jump and get rid of them from the game. If they have a good loot, you can pick it up and bring it into the endgame.

After removing an opponent from the game, do not make the same mistakes as your opponent. Other players may have been drawn to you by hearing your shooting. Don’t be vigilant and be prepared to take on them.


Build, build, build is the message. Making a good cover is a good way to keep yourself safe throughout the game. Four walls with a central staircase are considered standard. You can also throw a wall between yourself and the attacker to hide yourself over time.

Height is a very good advantage as long as you cover it too. If you have a clear height advantage, your opponents are much less likely to want to fight you. However, you need to be careful – silhouettes can make you more visible. All you need is one shot and you’re out of the game.


You have reached the last number. This is where the pressure is really on! It’s best not to be found here, as we did throughout the game.

If you are in a wide open position on very low level terrain, you are almost a sitting duck. Don’t give your opponent the opportunity to drive you out into the field. Destroy their bases, blow up as many covers as you can and push them into the air-this is where you can take your shots!


There are many ways to survive the battle at Fortnite, but these are just a few. Whether it’s a patient and quiet way or a loud gun burning, it’s about finding the right way to win!

Over time, as Fortnite continues to provide updates, there are other ways to win the game. Adapting your playstyle is important to success in Fortnite games.

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Top Tips For Fortnite Gaming Success

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