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Little is known that the day after Thanksgiving tends to be the busiest day of the year for plumbers. Plumbers are reporting more calls than at any other time of the year, as the plumbers work overtime while traditional families get together.

Benjamin Franklin Plumpers Operations Manager, Wichita, Kansas, told that the day after Thanksgiving was twice as busy as usual. Indeed, this day has gained such a bad reputation among plumbers and is now called “Brown Friday”. This is in honor of the lumps of grease and other substances that are clogging drains and pipes that must be dealt with.

However, plumbers say that two of the most common plumbing problems can actually be avoided quite a bit.

First, they warn homeowners to see what they throw into the drain. The plumber told that turkey bones, vegetable skins (such as potato skins and onion skins), eggshells, and corn stalks can clog kitchen sinks and waste.

Also on the list, the plumber said: Do not use drainage channels to dispose of grease, oil, or fat. They can harden and then back up the drain pipe, which can then be very difficult to remove. After solidifying the fat and grease, throw it in the trash instead.

Second, the plumber tells you to be careful about clogging the bathroom. Having more guests in the house means that toilets and showers are used more often. According to, guests should be careful not to flush women’s products, wet wipes, dental floss and cotton balls into the toilet. These items can clog the toilet. If you want to avoid annoying conversations, write your signature on tape.

Plumbers are also advised to take showers approximately 10 or 15 minutes apart to allow time for the drains to clean. You can also use the shower strainer to catch loose hair.

Matt O’Rourke, President of Z Plumberz, said:

Tips for Avoiding Thanksgiving Plumbing Issues »RealtyBizNews: Real Estate News Tips for Avoiding Thanksgiving Plumbing Issues »RealtyBizNews: Real Estate News

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