Tips for creating a positive atmosphere

What is a positive atmosphere?

  • It’s an atmosphere of harmony, optimism, and good relationships.
  • It’s a positive and well-meaning environment.
  • In such an environment, there are no negative emotions, hurt emotions, or hostility.
  • In this type of environment, there is less friction, better understanding, and a greater desire to help.

I’m not talking about the Utopia nation. I’m talking about making your environment more harmonious and happy, reducing friction and annoyance.

I’m talking about your own environment, home, work, friends, and wherever you happen to be. This is within your reach.

Your thoughts affect your environment

Your thoughts and emotions, and the spiritual and emotional vibrations that you emit, create the mood around you. People near you feel this atmosphere and are influenced by it. This atmosphere also determines their attitude towards you.

This means that changing your mind will affect your environment, how you perceive the world, and how people treat you.

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  • Do you sometimes feel unhappy or depressed when you come into contact with a particular person?
  • Do you sometimes feel tired as if you were out of energy?
  • Do negative thoughts come to your mind for no reason?

This may be due to the influence of negative psychological and emotional vibrations that are transmitted from the hearts of negative people.

They can also be uplifting, happy, inspiring, and experiencing peace of mind. This is often the result of positive vibrations of certain people.

Always keep in mind that the more you control your mind and thoughts, the more peaceful you will be and the less others will be able to influence you.

You can be a positive force to influence and change your environment and the people around you. You can do so by being more aware of the thoughts you think and the emotions you experience. This requires attention, discipline, and patience, at least initially.

How to create a positive atmosphere

You can bring a positive atmosphere to your life. This depends on you, your attitude, and how you see your life and the events you experience. Even if things are difficult and difficult. You can bring light to your life.

You may be reluctant to change your attitude or make small changes in your life. You need to stand up beyond this reluctance and inner resistance. The effort you have to make is not great, but the rewards are great.

Here are some simple tips.

  1. A positive attitude is important. There are many articles on this topic on this website, and the book “Positive Thinking” has more information and guidance.
  2. Focus your mind more carefully on what you are doing. This will train your mind to transmit stronger vibrations and also keep your attention away from negative thoughts.
  3. Practice your concentration. This will strengthen your ability to choose your thoughts and help you put more positive energy into them.
  4. Practice meditation. This not only makes you quieter and happier, but also helps you convey a more peaceful vibration around you.
  5. There is nothing in your mind that can visualize only what you really want to happen and hurt you and others.
  6. Thinking about the positive experiences of the past and immersing yourself in them will evoke a feeling of happiness in you. Feel how this happiness is filled with the space around you, the room, the house, the office, the bus or train, or wherever you are.
  7. Visualize a bright light full of life, happiness and positive vibrations to fill your body and where you are.
  8. Bring your home or office to life with beautiful pictures and flowers in pots and vases.
  9. Open the windows of the room frequently to allow fresh air and light to enter.
  10. Try to be kinder, compassionate, and understandable to people.
  11. If you feel angry and resentful, you need to tackle this. This is not good for your health, it ruins relationships and does not create a positive atmosphere.
  12. Exercise your body. This raises your energy level, improves your health, and makes you a happier and more optimistic person. Optimistic and happy people have a positive impact on their environment, bringing more happiness and positivity.

One idea will not change the mood around you, but keep in mind that repeated ideas will.

There are other more advanced ways to influence the mood around you, but this is not the place to discuss them.

In his book “Practical Mental Impact and Mental Attractiveness,” William Walker Atkinson wrote:
“When thoughts and emotions are born in the human mind and brain, the generated energy flows out of the human brain in the form of waves of mental energy and spreads from the immediate vicinity of the thinker to a proportional distance. The wave of thought has the property of awakening similar vibrations in the minds of others within the limits of power. “

As you can see, the thought and emotional experiences you think affect you and the people around you.

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