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If you want to increase your real estate sales and get more attention to your listings and professional profiles, it’s important to publish high quality videos online. According to Statista About 93% of home buyers I used an online website when searching for a home in the United States. And after the pandemic, realtors realized that increasing their online presence could be a great opportunity to increase real estate sales.

That’s why it’s important to create real estate video content. Introducing a video collage of real estate for sale, demonstrating expertise in this area and making it easier to build the trust of potential clients. This article reveals the most effective guides for making real estate videos that can make you stand out from the competition!

Let’s get started!

Creating Real Estate Videos For Sale: A Complete Guide

As you can imagine, it’s not enough to create a video and post it on your profile, website, or wherever you need it. More importantly, create a video that will attract your target audience and, of course, sell your service.

To this end, we have created step-by-step instructions to help you create high quality, impressive and informative real estate videos.

Start with a story

Whatever the type of real estate video you create, always start a new video created by scripting the overall content for the future. This can include a list of points to reveal for each shot, topics to discuss, and even properties mentioned during the shooting process.

This trick helps you organize your process so you don’t miss anything important. Plus, you can save time shooting and editing additional materials in case the video material doesn’t cover anything.

You can also Create a video collage In every room of the property you are selling, we emphasize the benefits of each.

Storytelling tips can be of great help to your audience’s involvement as they make your video more informative and compelling for potential clients.

Select the right equipment

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to invest all your money in cameras, lenses, camera stands, and software. However, paying attention to the quality of the clip can affect the overall quality of the video.

Therefore, if you need high resolution real estate videos, you need to learn the capacity of the cameras and understand how they can be used. Basically, cameras and smartphones are the perfect anchor point to start developing your video production skills. In some times, you’ll also need a camera stand to shoot still clips, a spare battery for the camera (a lightning device to keep the power off during the shooting process, and to create content at any time). It may be.

Organize the video

Another rule that only a few realtors follow is proper file storage. Sorting and classifying all materials makes it much easier to find them during the editing process. In addition, you can compare similar clips and photos to choose the best shot for your video.

In addition, organizing your files can significantly reduce the time required to complete your edits. This is certainly a must for realtors. Time is important.

Choose the best editor and add some visual effects and sounds

Next, I will introduce video editing software that is easy to operate. For example, good options to try out are Magisto, VideoStudio Ultimate 2021, and PowerDirector. The core idea of ​​a video editor is to provide effective tools for creating content within a feature-rich and easy-to-use interface.

When the actual editing process begins, the clips are cut, resized, and placed in the correct order. Then use visuals and sounds to make real estate videos attractive and unique. For example, you can add background music to your video or set special filters. You can also add subtitles and short comments related to the content featured on your screen to enhance your video. You can use this trick to highlight the most important insights in your video or provide additional information about the properties introduced.

Promote on various social platforms

Once you’ve created a great video of your real estate blog or site, it’s time to make it live! Export the finished content in the correct file format and share the video with various media sources. This way you can expand your audience and increase traffic to your site or profile.

yours Real estate strategy Effective and simple!

Types of real estate videos to consider

As a real estate agent, you don’t just need to know the basics of video editing to create unique content. For videos to work, it is also important to combine different topics in the video to diversify the content. For example, you can use:

  • Profile video of National Association of Realtors members. This type helps you introduce yourself to your audience and serve you as a real estate agent. Therefore, new visitors can know who you are and reveal details about your actual experience and the pain you can resolve.
  • Property video tour. Because these videos are more commercial than informative, their core idea is to showcase properties for sale, show their strengths and specific features, and clarify what they can be used for. Is to show.
  • Real estate drone tour. To make your video even more majestic and engaging, you can even try shooting properties for sale from different angles. Drones, for example, are a great option for capturing properties like a professional realtor.By creating juicy clips from different angles, you can: Fight your potential buyers for each offer You literally introduce.
  • Social media video. Currently, developing an online presence is essential to staying in touch with the audience and demonstrating your proficiency as a real estate agent. By creating specific videos for social media and developing viewer interactions there, you’ll get additional sources for your clients and give you to more people when you need services related to the real estate industry. You can find it.
  • FAQ video. To interact with your viewers, it’s also important to create informative videos that include answers to common questions from your followers and clients. Not only does this show your real estate agent expertise, but it also makes your relationship with the viewer more interactive and live.
  • Recruitment of videos. If you are in the real estate business and are currently looking for the best candidates, you can also take advantage of video content! The video can show you the basic requirements and provide you with the main benefits of why your agency is the most beneficial option they should apply for.


In summary, now you know why your ideal real estate video is and what kind of video you’re focusing on. Whether you make real estate videos or informative realtor videos for social media, the basic information presented here will certainly help you succeed.

Do you already have some ideas for future content? Let’s start practicing now!

Tips for Creating Real Estate Videos to Increase Sales »RealtyBizNews: Real Estate News Tips for Creating Real Estate Videos to Increase Sales »RealtyBizNews: Real Estate News

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