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Franchise veterans are familiar with Nuuktown, but in 1984 it was discovered that the original test site for the most powerful bomb on Earth had a sister site. Sanctuary.

Prior to the start of Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War, Nuketown ’84 will be available for free to all players, bringing one of Call of Duty’s most iconic multiplayer locales to 6v6 map rotation. Tradition continues.

Land laying

Nuketown ’84 is a fast and enthusiastic 6v6 map set in a nuclear test site modeled after an idyllic American neighborhood.

The layout may seem familiar to fans of Nuketown’s original Black Ops iteration, but this particular location in the Nevada Desert has been designated as “Site B”. In 1954, Site B was ready for a “massive test,” but the site was decommissioned due to a last-minute decision on the government budget. For thirty years, this Nuketown remained dormant … until 1984, a group of socially incompatible people traveling through uninhabited lands discovered the place and made it their home. Decorating the site with graffiti and various junk collected during the trip, they turned this quaint dead end into a personal desert haven from a world full of war, anxiety, and “man”.

The main feature of the map is the two iconic model houses facing each other at both ends of the dead end. To the west is Tyr’s house, in front of it is the iconic Nuketown sign, and to the east is the yellow house.

Beyond the graffiti-laden faded paint job, each home has a spacious living room that welcomes you from the front door. Go up the stairs to the second floor, or go through the rear kitchen, which has an exit to the backyard and another, and open another garage that goes back on another route.

Climb the stairs to a landing overlooking the wreckage of the study. From there, there is a bedroom overlooking the dead end and a rear balcony with stairs leading to the backyard. In the backyard of each house, there is a place that was once a garden area. It acts as the first spawn point in team game mode, and there is also a small hut that can be used as a cover. Longtime Nuketown fans will feel at home.

A school bus with graffiti and a delivery truck with an open cargo hold occupy an open street in the center of the map. At the end of the northern dead end is a rusty bucket parked on the lawn of the third house, with crates piled up towards the yellow house. Opposite this house, past buses and trucks, there is a 4×4 in a sandbag with a little runway in front of the closed entrance.

Nuketown ’84 Basic Strategy

Success at Nuketown ’84 depends on aggressive tactical play and a strong awareness of the map, apart from having the right weapons. In game modes with respawn enabled, keep an eye on where your enemies are coming from to see when they move forward and when they hide behind their current position.

SMGs, shotguns, and melee weapons are useful in both homes. The garage provides a more isolated attack point against the enemy in the middle, allowing you to easily escape forward or backward when you need to get off fast.

Assault and tactical rifles work well in the central and backyards, where medium-range gaze dominated. When enemies rush the stairs for revenge, they may struggle without a strong short-range backup, but they are good at firing from either house.

Another interesting point is the long line of sight around 4×4 along the sides of the map. Here you can place it near the vehicle to cover it and eliminate inflowing and descending enemies from the immediate left and right paths. Center.

10 Tips for Dominating Nuketown ’84

10.10. Trouble in CQB Paradise. Equipped with an SMG and shotgun, it may be tempting to get closer to an enemy match and be personal after the match, but the rifle category and LMG have their own advantages. Use short-range weapons that dare to move to the mind map to maintain distance from the operator, or aim for a house that is ready to dominate the intruder.

9.9. Fire from the hips. On maps where you often face enemies suddenly, it may be better to configure your weapons to improve hipfire accuracy. That way, you have a chance to land your first panic shot before you aim and finish your work.

8.8. Please bring a launcher. The fence behind either house provides an almost safe haven for attacking aerial score streaks. Equipped with a launcher to remove the threat of enemies to help your team and score streak progress. Expect many of them.

7. RC-XD: A hidden jewel. Given the limited space in Nuketown ’84, this low-end score streak can be an invaluable tool to turn the tide of battle. Expert drivers can even find a way to move this radio-controlled car quickly and safely on a map and launch a catastrophic surprise attack.

6.6. The SAM turret has been deployed. If you want to keep an eye on the field and support your team, consider the SAM Turret Field Upgrade. It’s not as consistent as the launcher, but it can do a lot of work on the go against enemy aerial score streaks.

5.5. Plenty of grenades. Nuketown ’84 gives you the freedom to use equipment of any shape and size. Even fuming grenades can be used effectively, hiding movement from the center when you need to rush across the map.

4.4. Don’t forget your mask and jacket. Whether you’re trying to kill a weapon or lobbying a bunch of deadly things yourself, a Flak jacket and Tactical Mask Perks are essential to infiltrate Nuketown ’84. Remove them from loadouts at the risk of explosive death and frequent disorientation.

3.3. Hit the deck! On such a small, enthusiastic map, there should be a few players using melee mines in the hope of landing unprotected enemies. If you remove one, crouch down to avoid fatal damage.

2.2. To the ledge. A small shelf sticks out just below the window on the second floor of either house. This can be used to get a better angle for actions that occur in the middle of the map. Alternatively, you can climb from the outside as an alternative to countering bedroom snipers.

1.1. Speed ​​is king. Nuketown ’84 is made for aggressive play. If you are generally a more cautious player, this is a map to get out of your comfort zone. Hold on to balance until you find that aggressive play is the best defense of all.

Tips for Dominating Nuketown '84 in Black Ops Cold War, Live Now

Purchase Black Ops Cold War and log in by December 3rd to receive your Nuketown Weapon Bundle.

Despite its small size, the Nuketown ’84 map promises to host many fierce battles. And with the new Nuketown Weapons Bundle already available in Black Ops Cold War, operators are ready to move to the nucleus and pave the way for victory. See you online.

Perform the mission.

Tips for dominating Nuketown ‘84 in Black Ops Cold War, live now

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