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WEC’s GTE Pro category has already dropped to three manufacturers last season following the withdrawal of BMW and Ford since 2018-19, December Aston Martin decision to resign from class Only Porsche played against Ferrari this year.

Corvette remained the only full-season maker after Porsche withdrew from the series at the end of last year and BMW reduced its commitment to four endurance races, making things worse in the corresponding GTLM class of the IMSA SportsCar Championship. I am. The 2021 race.

IMSA announced for the Rolex 24 Hours last month: GT3-based GTD Pro category will replace GTLM next year, May leave WEC and ELMS as the only two championships to run GTE cars.

The WEC situation was complicated by the very healthy grid of the GTE Am class, which uses the same car as the GTE Pro, and this year 13 bumper entries were announced.

Molina, who was promoted to Ferrari’s full-season GTE pro lineup at the beginning of the 2019-20 season, said the GT3 was WEC’s “direction to go”, but by the time cars were built to match them. Regulations have been introduced that warned that it could take two years.

“I think they will do the same thing more or less [as IMSA]”Molina told autosport. “But the question is whether WEC can handle such a large grid for all brands. [with GT3 programmes] It will be interesting.

“There are so many brands and so little space that if you had the option to race at the WEC, everyone would want to race at least one car. It would be difficult, but that’s the direction to go. think.

# 71AF Corse Ferrari 488 GTE EVO: Davide Rigon, Miguel Molina

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“Still, as far as I know, the GTE project has been agreed. [current] Homologation will not end until the end of 2022. Porsche also announced a new car last year. “

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Molina could abandon the GTLM class in favor of a second division based on GT3 cars, given the relatively low running costs and the fact that more manufacturers are manufactured in compliance with these regulations. It was a “logical” step from IMSA.

“I think that’s because there are more brands involved and the car is somehow easier to manage. It’s still complicated, but the maintenance is different and the starting price of the car is lower,” he explained.

“It also happened with LMDh. LMDh is trying to help brands create projects at the lowest possible price. This is similar and is a new reality of motorsport.

“This is a car with very good results and I think there is a lot of equality in terms of performance, as BoP saw in the very popular GT World Challenge. IMSA sees this. Must be. Logical steps to take.

“After all, we all adapt to the situation, but I love GTE because it has less driver aid like ABS and is a bit like a race car.

“But since I was in Ferrari, I had a championship with one type of car and another, and eventually adapted to it.”

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Tips for Ferrari Molina to replace WEC’s GTE with GT3 Tips for Ferrari Molina to replace WEC’s GTE with GT3

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