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Immortal phoenix sizing Much better than its bad name. This is Ubisoft’s latest big open world game. Wait, don’t run away! It’s true that Ubisoft has created some overly long open world games so far, Immortal Varies. This is a simpler and simpler game featuring smaller than average maps and many puzzles. Assassin’s Creed game. It’s not as complicated or big as the other open world titles released this year, but there are still some things that aren’t obvious or often overlooked. So here are some tips to help you save the gods.

Tweak the visual settings

I know this is a strange first tip, but I played this game on two different TVs. In both cases, you had to tweak the settings to make the game look good. Specifically, the brightness and contrast when playing on an HDR screen can be too bright and difficult to see what is happening. Knock it down a bit to help save your eyes.

Explore (or back) the starting area

You start the game with Clashing Rocks. This small area of ​​the map may not be as interesting or interesting as the later zones. That’s because … it’s small and uninteresting to see. However, it also contains many valuable epic treasure chests. These are chests that have a helmet icon next to them so you can upgrade your armor later. If you’re trying to upgrade your armor, like me, put a lot of spectacular chests behind the starting area and see if you’re grabbing them.


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Don’t just focus on the main quest

It’s easy to spend a lot of time in Immortal I’m doing the main quest. They have large quest markers that connect to other main quests and usually flow from one place to the next. However, try to get out of the main quest and explore.For one thing, the world Immortal It’s gorgeous and worth checking out. More importantly, skipping all the other content the game provides makes it much weaker.

Get your bird!

As you explore and grab things, you will eventually encounter cutscenes where something hits the ground far from you. After that, the quest “Bolt From The Blue” will be available. Do this quest! It’s very easy and you’ll get a new bird companion who can attack enemies for you at the push of a button.This bird, like many others, also has a skin Immortal, And these skins are more than just cosmetics. Each has its own perks that will help enhance your combat toolbox.

Do some puzzles

Immortal It’s full of puzzles. You can hardly take a step without hitting in either direction. If you like puzzles, this is a good thing. Each of these tests offers a variety of benefits. You may see colored crystals to help you upgrade your gear. (We’ll talk more about this later.) You may get Charon Coins. This will help you improve your abilities and unlock. (Also, we’ll talk more about that later.) The best rewards tend to come from Tartaros Vaults.These act like a puzzle room at a relic shrine from Breath of the Wild, These are separate areas of the map, built around specific puzzles and mechanics, such as pushing a wooden ball down a slope or using airflow to move a box. Resolving these will reward you with a bit of Zeus Lightning Bolts that you can use to upgrade your stamina!

Look around, look around …

After climbing the first big statue of the game and revealing the details of the map, the game will tell you about Far Sight. This allows you to tag remote locations, items, and puzzles around the world and permanently mark them on your map. The important thing is that you can use Far Sight anywhere in the game! And you should use it often. If you look around and you can’t see anything around you, pop Far Sight and start marking new points of interest.


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Stop walking and start fast travel

Although you can run and fly very fast ImmortalNothing is faster than this … it’s a pretty fast move. Don’t forget to do this using the map and fast travel to the Hall of Heroes at any time. This needs to be done often …

Please come back to the Hero’s Hall of Fame on a regular basis

Easy to be inhaled Immortal Forget to return to the Hall of Heroes, the hub that unlocks at the start of the game. Stopping exploration and quests can seem daunting, but make it a habit to come back every hour. why? This is where upgrades and unlocks make you stronger and more deadly. And all the rewards you get from exploring and solving puzzles will be used in the Hall of Heroes here.

Upgrade mechanism and what you need


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To Immortal You can upgrade and unlock a lot of things. But how you do it and what you need to do is quite different. So here is a brief summary!

  • energy: This is a very important statistic for upgrading to facilitate climbing and combat. For that, you need Zeus Lightning Bolts. These can be obtained by completing the vault or through several challenges. When you have enough, go to the weightlifting bench to upgrade.
  • health: This is also important for boosting as quickly as possible. Taking more damage is the key to surviving later battles. To improve your health, look for shiny masses of iridescent crystals scattered around the map. This is Ambrosia, and collecting enough of it allows you to upgrade your health. (It’s right next to the weightlifting bench.) The best way to find something like this is to explore, but some quests and puzzles also reward it.
  • Portion: To make a potion, you need to collect red pomegranates and blue mushrooms. These shine and are easy to collect. Return them to the potion station and make potions. But don’t forget that you can also use amber to upgrade your potions. Such things are often rewards for defeating puzzle vaults and quests, but can also be found around the world. Find the shining tree and hit the ax hard to defeat it.
  • Weapons and armor: These will be upgraded with colored debris. Most shards are easily available by doing almost everything in the game, including quests and killings. However, the purple debris used to upgrade the armor is a bit hard to find. Your best bet is to hit the magnificent chest. You can actually use the in-game map to show only spectacular chests and facilitate cultivation. Also note that pieces of randomly colored crystals stick out of the ground. When you crush them, these give you a bonus shard.
  • Skills and devout power: These will be upgraded with Chalong coins that can be easily obtained by completing the mythical challenges marked on the map with golden icons featuring various items such as shoes and bows. Completing these various challenges will give you useful coins to unlock new skills and upgrade your abilities. Speaking of skills …

Use Charon coins to get these skills first


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All skills and abilities Immortal Some are useful, others are much more convenient than others. This is the first skill to unlock. (And fortunately they are cheap!)

  • Climb a leap (Cost 2 coins): Climb a lot in this game. With this skill, you can press the jump button to jump up while climbing, reducing stamina and moving faster. It’s an essential skill.
  • Glide boost (Cost 2 coins): Glide Immortal It’s fun and convenient, and you can quickly cover a large number of maps. However, if you master this skill, you can go even faster.
  • Psychokinesis (Cost 2 coins): With this skill, you can easily purchase necessary items such as pomegranates and make useful potions. Grabbing fruits with this skill will automatically grab all nearby fruits and resources. With this skill, you can grab dozens of pomegranates from a tree in seconds.

Skip small cutscenes that play every time you upgrade

It’s cute for the first time, but you won’t want to see it again by the fifth time. Therefore, use the Xbox and Stadia B buttons, the Switch A button, or the PlayStation O button to skip. You may need to hit several times to completely skip a long scene. (You can also use this button to skip specific lines during a cutscene. Once pressed, only the currently spoken line is skipped, which is long and boring without skipping the entire cutscene. You can skip the bit.)

Don’t ignore the hero challenge

The Hall of Heroes has a large text slab. This is where you can find all the challenges in the game. Don’t sleep on these. Always check out the challenges when you stop by the Hall of Heroes. You can get big rewards for pretty simple things like killing a dozen guards or opening a chest. However, you must first activate the challenge to see your progress, and finally complete the challenge to earn a reward. (Also, the challenges on the left side of the screen are built-in offline challenges. On the right side are online challenges that have a limited time to complete.)

Get this easy achievement / trophy

While in the Hall of Heroes, sit in a customized chair and make minor changes to your character to make it easier to achieve.

Tame a better mount

Early on, the game teaches you about tame animals. And it allows you to summon your vehicles and them as reliable vehicles. But don’t stick to the first tame horse or deer. Keep an eye out for better, cooler mounts. Many mounts have more stamina than you find early on, allowing you to explore the world more efficiently. The best mountain I found was north near Forgeland. It was a robot horse. This is very nice.

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Don’t hit your head against the puzzle for hours

It’s easy to focus on the one puzzle that bothers you. Don’t do this. Rest. Do another puzzle or main quest. When you come back, the puzzle is still there. And when everything else fails, look for a solution online. The game is fun. Don’t waste the time of your life with anger and frustration.Instead, enjoy the colorful world and fun action Immortal!!

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