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Atlanta- Max Scherzer I usually do not agree to be removed in the middle of a baseball game. It’s the type of situation that visibly offends him and often sends his manager back to the bargain.But when Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts appeared on the field in Troisto Park five times on Sunday. Atlanta BravesScherzer, the third bat lineup, agreed and nodded. He told Roberts, “I gave him everything I had,” and faithfully handed him baseball.

“My arm was dead,” Scherzer said after seeing the Dodgers lose to the walk-off home run twice in a row and fall to the Braves. 5-4 In Game 2 of the National League Championship Series. “When I was warming up, I found that I was still tired.”

Three days ago, Scherzer threw the last inning from the bullpen, San Francisco Giants In the decision game of the previous round. He initially planned to start Game 1 on Saturday, but he and the Dodgers agreed on an additional day. And when that day came, Scherzer still didn’t feel right.

Julio Urias We face a similar situation.

Urias lined up to start Game 4 was, surprisingly, used by the Dodgers to stick to a two-run lead and throw eight times in Game 2. Blake TreinenThe Dodgers’ most reliable relief required only 9 pitches to navigate the 7th.When Brusdar Graterol When Kenley Jansen It was still available. But Roberts said using Urías was “the best option at the time.”

The top of the Braves lineup was scheduled again, starting with a left-handed blow Eddie Rosario When Freddie FreemanGives platoon advantage to left-handers like Urias. Roberts, the Dodgers pitching coach and key member of the front office, talked about deploying Urias in such a scenario in one of the first two games. They prevented him from throwing a bullpen session between his typical starts because of it.

“He was prepared for it,” Roberts said of Urías. “It was the perfect place for him.”

However, the Braves played against Urías in the bottom of the eighth inning, winning three hits from the first four members of the lineup. And they won it from Graterol and Janssen in the ninth place. Rosario hit the bouncing line drive. Corey seagerGloves and scores Dansby Swanson.. The Dodgers are currently facing a difficult situation. 0-2 in this series, there is a question about how the unconventional relief look at the important start of Game 4 affects Urias.

Roberts downplayed it.

“It’s totally different,” he said when asked if the appearance of the relief would affect the effectiveness of Urias the next time he pitched. “That’s why he was ready and available [in Saturday’s Game 1]Did not throw the side-to prepare for one of these two games. “

The Dodgers have used Urías in a hybrid role for the past two years, making him a traditional starting pitcher in 2021 and seeing him advance to 20-3 at 2.96 ERA with 32 starts in the 24-year-old season. .. But their unconventional post-season method faced Urias again when he informed him of plans to open with two rescuers, leading to Game 5 of the NLDS- Corey Knebel And Graterol-before sending him for his scheduled start. Three days later, they ran out of him from the bullpen.

Scherzer believes Urias’s arms will hold up firmly. This is mainly because he threw only 59 pitches at the start before the relief appeared. This is 51 less than Scherzer did before.

“We have to look at the pitch counts over the last few years and start actually assessing how we’ve recovered,” Scherzer said. “And so for Julio. He’s coming from another place and has fewer pitches, so I’m sure he’ll have a fresher arm and should be full go when he gets off to a good start.”

Scherzer, 37, did the same when he played against the Dodgers in the 2019 NLDS. Washington Nationals However, following his relief, he was able to win up to 109 balls at the start. Scherzer’s arm also felt tired when he warmed up with the bullpen heading for the match, but said he had loosened his arm after reaching around 45 pitches.

That never happened this night.

Scherzer could feel his arms tightened further in the third inning. After finishing the fourth inning, he told Roberts that if the next inning was too burdensome, he would need to be pulled. He noticed that the bottom two spots in the lineup were planned before Rosario and Freeman came to Bat again. Alex Besia, Young left-handed rescuers will be a better option at that point.

Bashir kept the Braves scoreless and struck out in a row to avoid the lead-off single. Joe Kelly Then 6 times with no score. Then Roberts went with his usual setup man Treinen in the 7th, a clear sign that Urias would handle the 8th. It was all lined up the way the Dodgers wrote the script, and it was all unraveled. And now you have to wonder about all that cost.

The Dodgers lost both games in Atlanta not because of a pitching decision, but because they combined 9 strikeouts 2-18 when hitting a scoring runner. However, the home team, which took the 2-0 lead in the Best of Seven series, has an 84% chance of winning the series. What is important for the Dodgers is how to overcome these odds for the second year in a row. These braves.

In game 3 they Walker Buehler On the face Charlie Morton, One of the most decorated postseason pitchers in recent memory. In Game 4, Urias, who surpassed his previous career in the innings at the first start in August, steals the ball in less than ideal situations. In Game 5, the Dodgers probably need to stage another bullpen game.

The Dodgers were very popular towards this series, and suddenly they are upset.

“Looking at both clubs, we are in the same position when it comes to usage and leverage usage,” Roberts said. “But the problem is that they have a two-game lead in the series.”

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Tired Max Scherzer finishes fifth and Julio Urías pitches eighth as the Los Angeles Dodgers lose to the Atlanta Braves in Game 2 of the NLCS Tired Max Scherzer finishes fifth and Julio Urías pitches eighth as the Los Angeles Dodgers lose to the Atlanta Braves in Game 2 of the NLCS

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