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It was a year that will be forever imprinted in Liverpool’s history books, but 2020 offers more than its fair share, and the Reds hope to return to some degree of normality in 2021.

Another year behind us, and now when we come to a new year, a period of contemplation is always welcomed for both the past and the future.

For Liverpool, 2020 is the year the long-awaited league title is back in Anfield, and the dreams of millions of people around the world have come true.

Jurgen KloppSides have created moments and memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives, and now their work will do it again in the year many want to see the light at the end of the tunnel return in its normal form. That is.

Here, this is Joanna Darkan from Anfield (@JoannaDurkan_) Is Scott Groom (@ScottCGroom), Tommy Lister (@ TLister77), Keifer MacDonald (@KeiferMacd) And Samuel Cox (@samueljessecox) Discuss the best moments of 2020 and hopes for 2021.

My outstanding 2020 moment …

Scott: Where do you start, other than the moment you finally see the Reds lift? Premier League Trophy?

There were some things I didn’t expect because of the pandemic, so it was amazing when it finally happened.

As the victory was Chelsea that’s all Manchester It handed us the title. I’ve never invested in a game as much as Liverpool wasn’t involved! It was really pretty, but it’s a pity that we couldn’t all celebrate it with each other as we wanted, but hopefully our time will come.

I think the next best moment is to welcome fans to Anfield lately. It was so special that the young man performed accordingly and defeated the wolf 4-0. You’ve missed Jurgen’s fist pump like never before.

Tommy: 2020 and the misery it has brought are already clichés, but at least Liverpool has brought us the coveted aggressiveness.

Needless to say, the best highlights need to be finally clinched Premier League The title desperately sought after. At the end of 2008/09, Gerrard’s Slip and his Vincent Kompany’s heartache was one in a million screamers, so it finally felt like a redemption.

After that, I shed tears with my brother Chelsea versus. Manchester city Look at the game and a few weeks later Jordan Henderson Raising those red ribbons high was the best moment of 2020.

Liverpool, England-Sunday, January 19, 2020: Liverpool Mohamed Salah score second goal with teammate goalkeeper Alison Becker during the FA Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Manchester United FC in Anfield Celebrate. (Photo by David Rawcliffe / Propaganda)

You’ve probably heard enough about the title, but what else did you receive this year?

For me, the absolute highlight was the January match against Manchester United. The date the title was signed, sealed, and delivered.Dominating our rivals, Van Dijk glared at the distant fans, with the iconic Sarah’s goal Allison Congratulations, the chant “Now you are going to believe in us”. There were many.

Aside from the iconic moments and games, there is no fan talk about discovering new signatures. I’m sorry I haven’t seen much of him yet, Chiago The transfer story was one of the best ever.

He was in awe of every touch of him when he was linked for months and saw all his edits I found and announced that Bayern had won the European championship. Chiago Having participated, this year was definitely one of my favorite moments.

Keefer: 2020 was a very turbulent year, wasn’t it? Not only from the perspective of being a Liverpool fan, but also from the perspective of just living. Blockades, tiers, and full meals made up the majority of the calendar year.

It was a very fun year for Liverpool. Even though the title Hoodoo was finally defeated and wasn’t there to see the lift itself, there were still some special matches we had to cherish.

Manchester United’s match in Anfield is one of the few best games we had to choose in 2020. Personally, the cup was euphoric when Sarah sealed it. I’ve never heard so many people sing “win the league”. Usually, singing makes you feel dazzling, and elders say that even the clips around your ears “can’t win anything yet.” ..

Newcastle upon Tyne, England-Wednesday, December 30, 2020: Liverpool's Thiago Alcantara during the FA Premier League match between Newcastle United FC and Liverpool FC in Anfield. (Photo by David Rawcliffe / Propaganda)

Apart from the popular choices for league titles, Chiago In terms of the moment of 2020, I need to be there. It sounds crazy, but for me it has revived the statue that Liverpool has regained.

To have the power to seduce Chiago From the just-winning Bayern Munich Champions League, I felt like a kid because he was desperate to join Liverpool. We haven’t seen him a lot yet, but from what we’ve seen, it will be a lot of fun to see him in the next few years.

Samuel: Some say 30 years isn’t that long, but so far it’s been a lifetime for me! It was great to finally see Red lift the trophy, and I’ve been waiting for the nearly perfect two years that the Liverpool team put together and felt it was very suitable. Since I didn’t witness the team in the 1980s in person, the real reward is, in many ways, just watching this inspiring football team every week with all the skills, hearts and desires.

The match against Manchester United in January is also in my mind. It was an important step in the title race, and some were special and atmospheric. When the two red giants of northern England fought, Unfield was in a terrifying, noisy and climax, covered in a tremendous red sky.

It was also just a great bloody football game. Van Dijk’s early goals set the scene, and Liverpool created a series of opportunities, but couldn’t score even if two goals weren’t allowed.

Then die, at the downtime, Sarah chases Allison Clearance runs half the pitch, holding James down to score past De Gear in front of the cup. The celebration was symbolic. Both were great matches against old rivals, but I also felt that the title was solidified and suppressed the big power shift that was taking place from Manchester to Merseyside.

Liverpool's Virgil van Dijk celebrates his first goal in front of Manchester United fans during a Premier League match in Anfield, Liverpool. Photo date: January 19, 2020. The photo credits are as follows: Darren Staples / Sportimage via PA Images

Joana: As the youth have already mentioned, there is only one truly outstanding moment, which is winning the league. It wasn’t clear what many of us had imagined, but the moment was very special.

I thought I had no chance to win Chelsea Played Manchester I wasn’t ready for the emotional roller coaster, so I can’t wait for another chance to celebrate if possible.

signature Chiago And when I see the fans return 2,000 people to several stadiums, my top three, two contrasting emotions, are complete.

It’s still hard to believe it Chiago A Liverpool player, what kind of coup was he? His time in the field has been limited so far, but he just oozes quality.Imagine him playing with Van Dijk, Gomez, and Van Dijk in a team. Fabinho Return to the middle stage. Damn it.

We were very fortunate to have Liverpool in 2020, but we still created the long-awaited escapism and realized our dreams in the process.

My hope for 2021 is …

Liverpool, UK-Sunday, November 22, 2020: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp will welcome Andy Robertson after the FA Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Leicester City FC in Anfield. The game was played in a closed room under the British Government's Social Distance Act during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Liverpool won 3-0. (Photo by David Rawcliffe / Propaganda)

Scott: We hope that everyone, both inside and outside the Liverpool Football Club, will have a healthy year, depending on the situation. It stays at the injury treatment table as well as Covid-related issues.

I’ve seen Klopp’s team defeated by injury since the start of the new season, but it doesn’t seem to give up. However, the boys are still marching and expectations for title defense remain very strong.

I hope I can bring back at least one more trophy, both domestically and in Europe. That is our current level and we need to consistently bring back silverware.I also want to see more Chiago Alcantara, Gini Winal Dam Signed a contract extension and the new center is back in January. Do you have too many questions?

Liverpool's Giorgi Nio Wizinaldam (right) celebrates scoring his team's second goal in front of Liverpool fans during a Premier League match in Anfield, Liverpool. (John Super / PA Wire / PA Image)

Tommy: Looking to the future, I am very optimistic about Liverpool’s 2021 aspirations.When Chiago Liverpool will be able to take the lead, preferably in the January window, with one or two new faces in the fight.

I sincerely hope to win the 20th place and am confident that I can start over. Champions League Also the history of Istanbul.The treble may be a bit too ambitious with crop aversion FA cupBut who cares if you win the Big 2?

But most importantly, the safety of everyone is a priority. Hopefully the vaccine can be distributed to as many people as possible and we can see that the number of Kops is on the rise.

Keefer: normal. I think I’m talking for everyone in the country, not just soccer fans. For many, this was a very sad year. Hopefully sooner or later we will be able to meet our fans on the premises. It’s great that a few fans have returned to a particular area in the last six weeks, but we all know that they are not the same.

Hopefully 2021 will provide a step in the right direction in all forms of life, and it won’t be long before we come back to Anfield to see Red fight for title number 20. Probably.

Liverpool, UK-Saturday, February 1, 2020: Liverpool FC and Southampton FC FA Premier League pre-match Liverpool supporters in Anfield. (Photo by David Rawcliffe / Propaganda)

Samuel: For me, Liverpool completed a series of titles that seemed already ready to win despite the injury problem, and once the health crisis was dealt with, the fans returned completely, symbolic moments and passions. It’s about completing a crazy game. Like that Manchester United match, it could happen again. Full cup again in 2021.

Joana: It’s hard to look back on the past to see fans return to stadiums across the country until they reach capacity. That’s certainly what I took for granted, and it certainly means that normal service has resumed. Soccer is not the same without fans.

On the pitch, nothing is better than winning consecutive league titles. Despite the injury, this side can certainly do so. This reminds us that it will be another important summer regarding the transfer period.

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Title, Chiago and Normality-Liverpool Fans’ Top Moments of 2020 and Hope for the New Year-Liverpool FC Title, Chiago and Normality-Liverpool Fans’ Top Moments of 2020 and Hope for the New Year-Liverpool FC

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