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Tive, Four Kites Partners Improve Shipment Visibility | DC Speed

Supply chain technology companies Tive and Four Kites have partnered to provide shippers, carriers and third-party logistics service providers (3PLs) with an integrated platform that provides deeper insights into shipping data in transit. Both companies said today.

This partnership combines the visibility of Tive’s asset tracking in the trailer with Four Kites’ in-cab telematics and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) capabilities. By combining these services, enterprise mutual customers can ensure that shipments arrive fully on time while improving the end-customer experience.

Nimesh Patel, Vice President of Business Development at FourKites, said the partnership would essentially integrate the two value-added service features to enhance the overall picture of the product in transit. Mutual customers of both companies need to log in to separate systems to track arrival time data and shipping status data, including temperature, exposure, and other factors that may adversely affect the product in transit. Will disappear.

“This is close to putting the data together in one place,” Patel said on Tuesday. “That is the best value.”

This partnership also addresses the growing shipments of consumer packaged products (CPGs) in today’s supply chains and the growing demand of customers for faster and better service. Increased shipments of CPGs combined with already tense global supply chains require more meaningful insights to improve ETA, load integrity, and preventable delays and efficient mitigation of damage will do. Insights on location, temperature, light, etc. are especially important for large retailers, food carriers, and logistics service providers. The partnership between Tive and Four Kites will extend access to important shipper data such as loading location and condition to ensure that more cargo arrives fully on time, “the two companies said in a joint statement. I am.

“Collaboration and open access to visibility data benefit everyone in the supply chain,” Tive CEO and founder Krenar Komoni said in a joint statement. “Five trackers are deployed on cargo around the world, which means that insightful data on carrier and route performance is growing every second per day.”

FourKites said it plans to integrate Tive’s capabilities into the yard management platform. Dynamic yard, Released last year. It also provides customers with “unprecedented benefits by being able to identify temperature fluctuations. Know exactly when luggage doors will open in the dock. And the actual inbound and outbound shipments. Priority is given to the movement of the yard that reflects the condition of. “

Tive, Four Kites Partners Improve Shipment Visibility | DC Speed Tive, Four Kites Partners Improve Shipment Visibility | DC Speed

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