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The TJ Dillashaw will return to the octagon as the main event of the UFC Fight Night on May 8th against bantamweight rival Cory Sandhagen. Dillashaw, who has lifted USADA’s suspension, isn’t here because Sandhagen, who is talking about garbage, is on his way.

recently Interview with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, Dillashaw responded to Sandhagen’s comment on his suspension, Title conflict.. (H / T MMA

“He’s been in a bit of a fuss lately and he’s talking about what he has to do. That’s the name of the game, but I like Cory Sandhagen. I have all his coaches I like it, I like the elevation fight team, but that’s the business. We get out there, handle it, and I’m going to come back and get my belt. “

In honor of Sandhagen, Dillashaw further explained his frustration. “Oh, I’m just talking about how I failed the drug test and taking the worst steroids you can take. I wasn’t taking steroids either.” Added Dillashaw. “It’s totally nonsense to just talk about a particular interview or what he knows. It just cheers you up and makes you feel like you have a chance in this fight.”

Sandhagen’s comments are nervous about the former champion, probably because they were trained together earlier.Things went south Frankie Edgar’s Post-KO Sandhagen Post-Battle Comments I threw a shade on Dillashaw.Sandhagen further hinted at it Dillashaw didn’t want to fight him.. Sandhagen suggested that Dillashaw was ducking him by shooting the title and refusing to fight him if he won.

Now that the battle is official, Dillashaw is excited about his return. “It wasn’t the only option, but it’s great,” Dillashaw commented. “I love this fight. He has a lot of hype behind him. He has two good wins and people are now blasting him, but where I interrupted It’s a very good fight for me to get back to the top right away. I’ll have a belt around my waist by the end of the year. “

It is not yet known if Dillashaw will regain the title in 2021. However, fight fans around the world should be excited about the fireworks being launched from the match against Sandhagen.

Do you think TJ Dillashaw defeated Cory Sandhagen on May 8th?

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TJ Dillashaw plans to defeat “Douch” Cory Sandhagen, regaining £ 135 title TJ Dillashaw plans to defeat “Douch” Cory Sandhagen, regaining £ 135 title

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