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Former UFC champion TJ Dillashaw has successfully returned from suspension with a recent victory. But he seems uncertain about his next move.

Dillashaw, who was stopped due to a failed drug test, defeated Cory Sandhagen and returned to orbit. He wants to be the winner between Petr Yan and champion Aljamain Sterling, but he told Submission Radio that his plans are in the air.

“Yeah, of course, I’m getting the title shot. There’s no ifs, and it’s about it. It’s the perfect timing. I heal, these guys aren’t supposed to fight until October 30th.NS, By March, put it back in the cage or put something like that back into the championship schedule, “he said. “It’s the perfect time for me to get ready, go back and really get mine back.”

Dillashaw also released some details about what the UFC has proposed about the match against Urijah Faber.

“They mentioned some about it when I first talked about the comeback, but it didn’t make any sense to me, so I laughed at it. I gave him my name and And two, what does it do for me? I’m fighting Cory Sandhagen, the number one guy in the non-champion category, and it’s kind of like Did … only one part of the UFC wanted it, and the rest of them were a little angry that it was mentioned. So it was like a joke. Really they were his I just want him to kick his ass, so I can kick him out of the UFC. “

“It wasn’t like a real offer as only one of them offered it. Someone really wanted Urijah to hoop his ass, so they threw it out there. I think I wanted to. So, to be honest, Urijah Faber is far beyond his prime minister. He doesn’t have a business to join the UFC, and the only fight for him is that. I think it’s a big drama fight of some sort, isn’t it? Who else makes sense to him? So why give him what kind of fame from my name by fighting me? Or give him the opportunity to make money? I’m the only one left for him, so I think you’ll say. But that doesn’t make sense to me, because I’ll be the best bantamweight ever. He just lost the most titles in history. “

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TJ Dillashaw reveals UFC’s “joke” offer to Urijah Faber TJ Dillashaw reveals UFC’s “joke” offer to Urijah Faber

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