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Tilt Renewables is proposing to develop a 300 MW pumped storage plan northeast of Adelaide, about 15 km from CBD.

With this in mind, 300 MW is about 9% of SA’s maximum electricity demand (reached on extremely hot days), or about 20% of average consumption from all sources.

Some recent and imminent events in the power industry are more generally related to this project. These are also relevant for projects involving energy storage, such as pumped storage, batteries, and other methods, so I’ll post more about this in the “Future of Energy Generation and Storage” thread in the General Chat section.

However, simply put, on Sunday, December 2nd, SA’s electricity bill was negative for quite some time. That is, spot prices have fallen below zero, but demand is high and supply may be in short supply, so prices are expected to skyrocket in the coming days. Victoria (electrically connected to SA). This shows the value of the project as suggested by Tilt.

Here is a photo (mine) of the location of the reservoir below. The power plant is also near here (the exact location depends on engineering etc.).

TLT-Til Renewable | Australian Equity Forum TLT-Til Renewable | Australian Equity Forum

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