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A few days ago, Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman held a press conference, and rehab edge rusher Danielle Hunter didn’t demand a trade, nor did he demand to be the best defender in the NFL. Said. Many media outlets, including myself, said this was a good sign, but some, I said, would take it with the amount of salt grain in the winter sidewalk of Minnesota.

Danielle Hunter doesn’t want to trade / doesn’t want to be the best defender in the NFL

It’s funny that things in the NFL change not only rapidly, but also into something that feels like the beginning of a nightmare. Let me rephrase. Where Minnesota Vikings are concerned, it’s strange that a calm feeling quickly turns into a stomach-disturbing panic.

First, the tweets that hunters liked:

Before you write this down that the hunter likes his named tweets (he might one day like ours if he wants), before this recent turmoil The last tweet came at the end of 2020 (December) (28th to be exact).

What does this mean?

Perhaps the hunter wanted to create some leverage in the media after Spillman gave a (probably) too honest answer about his contract status and (re) negotiations?

You should hope so.

Other than that, this could turn into a nightmare-changing team that made Stefon Diggs’ drama look like a Gyron Kierce drama. Hunters are the highest edge of the league’s increasingly important position, but as mentioned in this week’s episode of the KDLM sports radio show, The Vikings Territory Breakdown, all variables in this scenario are more than the following variables: It’s bad and compounded.

Is he a low wage? Okay.

Can the Vikings afford him his market rate? number.

Is he out of a catastrophic injury that could change his career? Okay.

Does the injury create a dynamic that he feels he needs to make that market rate now, as the next snap he’s in a hurry could be his last? Okay.

Is he unhappy? clearly.

Keep an eye on UFFda as I feel this may be the beginning of the Viking off-season (or more) story! Think of sports and positive thoughts for all the updates related to hunters and vikings. So far, that’s obviously great for us.

Hopefully you will like this.

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to start.Danielle Hunter likes multiple trade-related tweets to start.Danielle Hunter likes multiple trade-related tweets

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