Toaplan Arcade Garage: Kyoku Tiger-Heli Review (Switch)

In recent years, fans of 2D shooters have had to adjust their expectations about what the port is, largely thanks to the sublime M2 Shot Triggers series. Indeed, we’ve been pretty spoiled for running that particular game.

In a long-established practice throughout the history of the game, console ports do not completely meet the quality standards set by the arcade’s original. But that concept doesn’t seem to discourage the long-standing Tokyo software house M2. Their Shot Triggers series are often so good that they offer a wealth of iconic Shump ports that make you want to think they’re better than the original.

Switch owners have recently been treated to CAVE’s stunning 1998 arcade release ESP.Ra.De and the exquisite port of the M2 in the stunning Aleste Collection. Meanwhile, the lucky demon known as the owner of the PS4 can get the extraordinary realization of the M2 Shot Triggers. Ketsui — Probably the most brutal contribution to the genres that CAVE often defines.

These ports come with various original modes, new placements and revisions, or brand new titles in the case of arresters. Each was adorned with a wealth of options and settings, so even the most generous array of DIP switches on the arcade board couldn’t be offered, allowing players to significantly tweak their experience. Next, there is the “M2 gadget”. A range of customizable HUD-like elements conveys all sorts of strategically valuable information to the player when navigating a crowded sweep curtain of flashy bullets. But as any shmup player chasing a score knows, you don’t know much about what’s happening under the pixels.

With all this, the release of M2 Shot Triggers has established itself as a serious rival to the original revisited arcade. Of course, the console port doesn’t capture the social experience being played in the right arcade. If not, but? M2 tends to do everything right, then some right, including the port of the previous console port of the arcade game in question.

And here, the first Toaplan Arcade Garage of the new M2 Shot Triggers subseries is released. This brings almost all games released from the studio to modern consoles. Toaplan may not have the cultural influence that CAVE does throughout the wider landscape of video game culture, but they are certainly important and enthusiastic by most shmup enthusiasts. It is celebrated. Why? Toaplan finally debuted the barrage genre with their fun release Preeminent..

But that’s not all. With the closure of the costumes, former Toaplan staff continued to make costumes for arguably important 2D shooters, including Takumi, 8ing (AKA Raizing), Gazelle, and — yes — CAVE. The team created Zero Wing, the game that created the meme. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a more familiar cultural phenomenon than the entire barrage shape. In essence, Toaplan stood as perhaps the most important impetus in evolving the Shump genre from the primitive roots to the barrage era. That’s why Toaplan Arcade Garage’s first entry focuses on two games that embody that journey, brilliant with the latest features such as online leaderboards.

In short, you’ll get a 1985 port of Toaplan’s first 2D shooter. Tiger heli, And it’s a sequel to 1987 Twin cobra, Known as Kyoku Tiger In my hometown of Japan. Basically, at the time of release, Twin Cobra gave the early taste of the future that shmups could do more, while bringing more energy and detail to the challenges offered by shmups. Twin Cobra, on the other hand, has given the genre new dynamism and momentum. It was certainly not a barrage, but it wasn’t too far away as well.

Obviously, Toaplan Arcade Garage: Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli offers two very important shmups from a very important shmup company. The port quality of M2 is a dead certificate, but is it certainly all said and done? “Important” does not necessarily mean “timeless”, so it is not perfect. And not all M2Shot Triggers releases are exactly uniform.

Rest assured that this is a quality title before shmupper’s heart goes down. It naturally draws a comparison with its labelmates. Labelmate happens to be the best shooter port and compilation ever thought of. Shmups is one of the least permeable genres, so of course it needs to be a bit confusing with Toaplan Arcade Garage’s debut.Despite the title, you don’t However Get countless versions of that single pair of shooter idols.

First, if you use digital, you get the game choices that come with the cartridge, but if you want a complete sweep, you’ll have to invest a fair amount of DLC. However, this review is considering a boxed Japanese version. It basically contains everything available in a single package. In other words, in addition to the Tiger-Heli Arcade Original, you can get NES, NES, and Genesis ports. Next are the arcade version of the nine-song tiger, the NES, the PC engine, the MegaDrive port, and the NES version of the Twin Cobra. Each game is also available in “Super Easy” mode, along with an arcade variant that offers a wealth of customization, and an “Arcade Challenge” mode that divides the main game into smaller sections where you can work on it individually. Note that all native vertical titles are compatible with FlipGrip, except when rocking the Switch OLED. In that case, you need to improvise.

And you get Toaplan’s rather half-baked 1986 scroll beat. Guardian (Known as Get a star (In Japan), and the download code for the curious 1991 arcade tile puzzle game Brainwashing game.. The reason isn’t entirely clear, but it’s assumed that the Toaplan Arcade Garage series could push some weird points into famous releases in order to deliver as many titles as possible from Toaplan’s past. increase.

Tiger-Heli is certainly classic, and it’s fun to explore different ports, down to some console edition flaws. However, it is not completely aged and feels a bit of a slogan compared to its contemporaries. Tiger-Heli has established a solid position in the era, but the era itself is not completely out of date. It’s a reminder of another era and certainly helps to spotlight how far the genre has progressed.

Twin cobras, on the other hand, bring much more pace and excitement.If you’re just a barrage fan, it probably won’t turn you around, but as you’ll see in things like Capcom’s 1942 series and subsequent Strikers 1945 and Toaplan’s own work, of the purebred army. If you like shooting games Fire Shark, There is enough to enjoy here. The same is true for those who are nostalgic for 80’s games. Indeed, Twin Cobra recalls that compared to barrage, straight military shooters are like a forgotten form, and so many modern developers are focusing on barrage. Let me.

Playing arcade ports today emphasizes the fact that Twin Cobra was significantly ahead of its time in terms of complexity, gameplay flow, and its technical capabilities, and thanks to its vibrant energy it still stands out today. I am. There’s a little too much idle time to break the rhythm of playing credits — the transition between stages is a pain — but it remains a jewel of the era that played a key role in the emergence of barrage.

Obviously, the opening volume of Toaplan Arcade Games brings two very important games. However, neither is as timeless as the ones created in the years that followed. DoDonPachi And their likes. The port quality, on the other hand, has been fine-tuned as suggested by the M2Shot Triggers label. Still, there is no truly new mode. The fascinating and truly demanding Super Easy mode shifts the dynamics by increasing the speed of the player and does more welcome challenges while doing what it can to inherit some of the excitement of the vanilla version. I will present it.Still, the first outing of Toaplan Arcade Garage doesn’t include anything bona fide New arrangement. On the other hand, it seems that there are few configuration options for the entire package.

It’s worth noting here that Japanese is almost completely dominant and abundant throughout this import menu and game guide text. You don’t have to read Japanese at all to play the game itself, but you may need to search for one or two translations to navigate deeper menus and options.

Again, this is all a comparison with the M2 master workport. Toaplan Arcade Garage: Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli offers a very high quality and vast harbor of two crucial shamps. But if the studio’s ESP.Ra.De celebrates the modernization of the game’s past and its potential, Toaplan Arcade Garage: Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli is a more straightforward archive release. By side-by-side comparison, it must be said that the highly collectable PS1 releases are now much better. Toaplan Shooting Battle 1Focusing on the same two lead games, you can get back the 3-digit total.

The Guardian brings additional content, but few of its familiar formats are particularly special. Its two-button punch and kick fest is wonderfully minimal and impure, and now feels almost attractive and basic. At least there is a connection with Twin Cobra. The Guardian marked the artist’s first work in the game, Koetsu Iwabuchi, before creating an impressive styling for the Twin Cobra. The brainwashing game TEKI, on the other hand, failed commercially at launch, and today I feel it’s too customary and not really exciting, even if it’s a little different at the time.

Cleaning up the Toaplan garage with the M2 inevitably creates icons, gems, and weird stuff. If this edit sets the norm, there are many reasons why the series is optimistic about when Toaplan will be a heavy hitter: Dogyuun !!, Master, Out zone, same! same! same! And what we are all waiting for is preeminent. It’s like a little-known piece, and you can expect them to compete for cartridge space.

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