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It was a battle between Tobias Harris and the Philadelphia 76ers. But both individual turnarounds are heading in the right direction.

Tobias Harris I’m just a member of Philadelphia 76ers During the half-season, however, that time certainly feels long because of all the different positions he has been placed in since he arrived.

After landing in Philadelphia prior to the 2019 trading deadline, Harris has completed one of the NBA’s top starting units. Previously, he averaged over 20 points as the LA Clippers leader, but Jimmy Butler and Ben Simmons, who played with Joel Embiid, stepped back to Harris with a sporadic touch. I was forced to get it done.

His first full season at 76ers was somehow even more bumpy. Harris has increased the number of small forward minutes in the 2019-20 season since the 2016-17 campaign at Detroit Pistons. After Butler left, the rush to Harris was the role of the main boundary creator.

The number of points remained strong (19.6 points per game with 47.1% of shots), but it was not used well by the poorly achieved Sixers team.

What was lost in thinking about what shooters like Seth Curry and Danny Green would do to the two Philadelphia all-stars this season is the impact on the franchise’s highest-paying players. Harris was able to regain his ideal position in the modern NBA and bring him an attack instead of driving him to success. The last four games showed us some of the best about what it looks like.

Philadelphia went 3-1 in the last four outings. Harris scored an average of 21.5 points during the stretch with a 55.9% shot from the field, and 59.1% with more than 5 3-point attempts per night. He also chips with 9.5 rebounds, 4.3 assists, 2.5 steals and 1.5 blocks per game.

Harris is at his best when playing against others. Without someone who could consistently create his own border shots, that luxury was rarely given to him last season. He had to do most of the grunting work to produce an attack, which is why his true shoot rate (55.6) was the lowest since his third season in the league.

The 76ers will still be depleted of border creators in 2021, but adding more intervals alleviates these problems. Simmons, in particular, had much more room to turn the drive into the bucket and remove the defense, with Harris being the main benefactor.

Harris has the highest number of passes per game from Simmons. Harris has 55.0% off these catches and is the best on the team. Some of those dishes led to your basic catch and shoot triple, but Harris strives to take advantage of the favorable situation that his teammate’s gravity put him in.

When Alex Len gets off Dwight Howard’s screen, Kyle Lowry spins and tries to block Simmons’ drive. Simmons passes Open Harris. Harris takes advantage of Raleigh’s momentum to move to the right towards Raleigh and drive just before finishing with a soft left-handed layup.

A similar situation was created by the Attention Embiid command after Embiid obtained the driving angle at Aron Baynes. OG Anunoby gets off Harris to block the drive. Embiid the food to Harris. Harris floats Anunoby in the air with a pump fake and pulls it up to drill an elbow jumper.

57.0 percent of Harris’ field goals from last season were supported. That number soared to 69.7 in these last four games. It’s not the type of independence you’d expect from the 15th highest-paying player in the NBA. It’s a bit ironic that he’s sandwiched between two of the best quarantine scorers, Kawhi Leonard and Kyrie Irving. But maximizing what Harris is best at is far better than failing to shape Harris to someone other than himself.

An additional bonus for the Sixers is that Harris will take advantage of the space created by his star teammates to make the people around him look even better. He recorded the highest average career of 3.2 assists per game last season, surpassing 4 assists per night in these four games.

The beauty of the play below is that Harris could easily swing this ball into the curry immediately to get the same result. However, by pumping past Markelle Fultz, Harris draws the attention of Aaron Gordon, who would have been responsible for closing the curry. Being obsessed with Gordon, the life of a sniper will be much easier with a catch and shoot triple.

It was a great start to the season for the 76ers. They’re 5-1 — their only defeat came in the absence of Embiid — they took first place at the Eastern Conference and topped the NBA as a whole. Harris was a big part of his early success, playing his excellent teammates instead of awkwardly shoehorning with them to form an overwhelming trio. By no means a rugged personal defender, an active hand causes him to stack steals and blocks at an elite rate, adding at least some value to the end.

Still, through these six games, the Sixers have played against the pre-season playoff team only once. These tests will arrive soon and the first actual test will take place on January 7th against the Brooklyn net.

When that day comes and the measuring bar is breached to assess Philly’s legitimacy as a title candidate, Harris is finally in a position to take the challenge properly.

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Tobias Harris finally finds his place Tobias Harris finally finds his place

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