Toby Fox says Deltarune chapters 3-5 will start at the same time

Undertale Creator Toby Fox Deltarune And its future Launch of Chapter 2 on the weekend..

write in On his blog (Spots By Eurogamer), Fox thanked his team for their help in completing the chapter. “It’s no longer a solo project, but I worked hard to convey my vision. I designed and wrote everything. I literally gave feedback on every part of the game. Thanks to everyone. , We were able to complete the chapter much faster than we could do it ourselves. “

Fox continues to reveal plans for the future of the series, admitting that it was initially intended to be released when each chapter was completed. Instead, Fox has decided to complete Chapters 3, 4, and 5 as the next release.

Originally he intended to start billing for the game in Chapter 2, but decided to release it for free because “the world is really tough for everyone these days”. However, Chapters 3 to 5 will be billed together at the set price of the “First 5 Chapters”. He’s not ready to price the package, but says it costs more than Undertale. However, “when it’s over” is still vague as to when we can expect the next chapter.

Deltarune Chapter 2 Released on PC via and Steam on Friday. Chapter 1 is also on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, but I’m not sure when Chapter 2 will be available.


on Nintendo switch, PC, PlayStation 4

release date:

February 28, 2019

Deltarune Chapters 3-5 will launch at the same time, says Toby Fox

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