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Today, that day’s bet Carolina Hurricane-1.. This line is at +145.

Again, we support hurricanes with -1. Despite falling to Game 33-1 at 5×5 during the adjustment, Wand controlled the share of the shot attempt, 62.38% of the expected goal share, and a whopping 68.77% of the scoring chance. Simply put, Carolina has been a much better team.

And tonight, I’m hoping that Igor Sheschokin will show up, even though it’s rocking the .956 save rate in this series. These playoffs that he may be exposed to have already been shown.

The second bet of the day is Zack Heiman earns 2+ points. This line is at +275.

This line surprises me. Heyman is one of Edmonton Oilers’ best players in these playoffs, and he has already scored four goals in three games against Calgary. He hasn’t added any assists to it, but I think it’s a great place for him to do so tonight.

The flames are likely to be hot and heavy at Connor McDavid tonight, and it could open very well to produce Ryan Newgent Hopkins and Jesse Puryuyarbi’s Haiman and his linemates. If Edmonton wants to be hanged in the 3-1 series, he needs to have that depth. I don’t expect anything from the team at the top of their game playing at Home Ice.

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Today’s Betway Bet — May 21st Today’s Betway Bet — May 21st

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