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Oh ok, our Miami Dolphins The season ended with their faces flattened against Buffalo Bills In Buffalo yesterday, it puts it as well as possible, given what we all witnessed. Playoffs are not the way any team wants to end the season. It’s never been fun to see your beloved team beaten like a drum by enemies in the division, but at the end of the season, other NFL teams playing better than Bills It may not have been. Is it an excuse for such a ridiculously biased score? No. The good thing about A ** whipping we saw yesterday is that the areas that this team needs to improve don’t need to improve between now and next September. Everything is on one tape in one game. ..

I first started this second paragraph by breaking down all the horrors of yesterday’s game on both sides of the ball for dolphins. Then I saw the same trash can fire that I saw yesterday, so I deleted it. With the long-standing fandom of our beloved team, no one needs to relive such a painful episode. If the team decides to take Isaia Ford and fire it from a cannon, I wouldn’t object.How did you steal the draft topic Patriot Basically for him by lending him to Parker for a few weeks? I think that’s a bright point. And the truth is that there were a lot of bright spots this season.

I saw rookies playing everywhere. The team has improved in many areas. I’ve seen teams that had to fight and scrape to get five wins last season have doubled this season and sometimes won some games that were preferred to lose fairly easily. .. And if we’re all honest with ourselves, we’ve witnessed a team of 10 wins going into the playoffs almost every time in most seasons except this crazy season, especially in the expanded version of the current playoffs. I know Damn NFL is greedy!

Aside from yesterday’s ugliness, what do you think of the team’s future for tonight’s Phinsider Question Of The Day? Do you think the coaching staff and front office are moving in the right direction? If so, why and what do you want to see in a different way?

Please tell us your thoughts below-

Since this is a nightly post (if you don’t have a live game thread), you can not only discuss the questions / topics of the day, but also use this as a live thread where the rules are fairly widespread and almost discussable. Anything as long as you continue to follow the rules of the site. Speaking of site rules, the three rules that come with the Zero Tolerance Policy are that it doesn’t allow personal attacks on fellow Phins fans or even trolls from another site. Don’t flag yourself away and ban yourself for the stupidity of others. Beyond that, there is no discussion or even mention of religious or political things far away. There are plenty of sites for those discussions elsewhere, but this is not the case and will never be one of them.

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Today’s Phinsider Question Monday 01 / 04/20 21 version Today’s Phinsider Question Monday 01 / 04/20 21 version

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