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Todd McShay’s final simulated draft Philadelphia landed Jammer Chase and was quite popular with Eagles fans in 6th place overall. 2021 NFL draft..his ESPN + Latest Forecast It should be much more split.

Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida

Despite the obvious weaknesses of the Eagles in wide receivers, I mix it with pit 6. The tight end was drafted 10 times before the first wide receiver came off the board, and only the other four were tight. The end has been taken so far in the top six. But there is a problem here. The pit is more than just a tight end. He’s a nightmare of battles that can be lined up everywhere, and his great speed, hands, and size of 6 feet 6 make it very difficult to contain him. Philadelphia needs to add receiver help to free agents, but Pitts-Dallas Gedelt pairing is a dream for aggressive coordinators.

Tim McManus about his fit with the Eagles: Pitts will soon take on the role of co-starter with Gedelt as Zack Eltz is expected to be traded or released. The Eagles used two tight ends to hit the league’s best with a 35% chance of last season. This is a number that folds the pits and soars towards the 2019 total (52%).

Before jumping completely back into Pitts’s discussion, some notes about the article:

  • The only four tight ends ever taken in the Top 6: Vernon Davis (2006), Kellen Winslow Jr. (2004), Charle Young (1973), Riley Odoms (1972).
  • Philadelphia should Sure, it adds receiver help to free agencies, but their cap situation probably limits doing that.
  • See the percentage of snaps posted by T-Mac. The 12 employees are clearly not a basic crime. Utilizing two tight end sets cannot be the main impetus for choosing a pit.

Okay. Returning the prospect to Pitts, he is clearly an intriguing talent. BGN’s Bennatan was previously how Philadelphia’s indigenous people (alumni of Archbishop Wood) “It makes too much sense for the Eagles.”

Former NFL Scout Daniel Jeremiah In fact, Pitts is ranked third in the overall outlook in this year’s class, behind Trevor Lawrence and Jammer Chase.

Pitts has a long, lean, tight-end outlook with great speed, ball skills and productivity. He’s lined up inline, bent in slots, and split into large pieces. He is on a route like wide out. The ex-gator went off the line, set up a defender, and exploded from a breakpoint. He defeated senior SEC cornerbacks every week. He speeds up to separate the seams and naturally tracks the ball on the field. Pitts has a huge catch radius. He uses his speed to stack yards after catching. He made tremendous improvements as a blocker in 2020. He did his best to stay fit, fight and maintain his attachment. He will fall from time to time, but the effort is there. Overall, Pitts is a unique talent with the ability to take over the game. He is the definition of a mismatch player.

If you’re worried about Pitts’ prototype, he will you do Draw some lucrative NFL comparisons.

The Eagles warmed up to the idea of ​​drafting a pit because of the legitimate idea that he could really be more than a tight end. I’m currently sixth on the Eagles bigboard..

That said, I don’t like Eagles drafting pits with McShay’s latest projections. Here’s how he plays the top five:

1) Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson
2) New York Jets: Zach Wilson, QB, BYU
3) Carolina Panthers (Expected trade-up): Justin Fields, QB, Ohio
4) Atlanta Falcon: Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota
Five) Cincinnati Bengals: Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon

Having at least three quarterbacks off the board before number six feels like an increasingly likely scenario. Four are not impossible, but it is doubtful that the lance will be this high. Sewell to Cincy feels like rock, given the need for aggressive lines.

So it’s quite possible that the Eagles will choose Pit, Chase or Devonta Smith at number six.Pass the chase and take the pit Wouldn’t be popular,However:

Given the Howie Roseman’s achievementsIt’s only natural to worry that he could betray himself again. Choosing a pit over Chase and Smith can be a mistake in his latest galactic brain draft. Alternatively, Pitts may really be the next Megatron and he may look like a genius.

In any case, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what the receiver really needs to be the 6th pick. By the time the Eagles pick, I think at least three quarterbacks will be off the board. And I don’t think we’ll trade up again like Carson Wentz.

The position of the receiver is a position that Roseman really struggled to understand correctly during his tenure. The Eagles finally have a chance to fix it by grabbing the No. 6 stud pass catcher. It feels hard for them to fail … and hopefully.


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Todd McShay Simulated Draft: ESPNNFL Analysts Make Controversial Choices for Eagles Todd McShay Simulated Draft: ESPNNFL Analysts Make Controversial Choices for Eagles

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