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FIA President Jean Todt Romain Grosjean His amazing escape from the Bahrain Grand Prix crash was the best motivation to continue improving motorsport safety standards.

Todd, who won the FIA ​​award yesterday, presented a special award to the marshal and medical team who attended Grosjean after the crash. His Haas VF-20 was split in half and exploded when it hit a barrier on the first lap of the race. Grosjean took 28 seconds to get out of the big fire and suffered a burn on his hand.

“When I see it, I have some terrifying expectations,” admitted Todd, who was on the circuit when the crash happened. “Because it’s what you see on your TV or screen. The car explodes. [catching] Fire – I don’t know what will happen.

“It’s okay to see the shape come out of the car after a very long second that seemed like a few hours, he’s alive.”

Despite Grosjean’s incredible escape, Todd pointed out that fatal crashes are still occurring in motorsport, often in a less noticeable category.

“This is a regular discussion at the FIA. [the] A special safety group working with the special safety department, the medical committee, and various committees, “said Todt in response to a question from RaceFans.

Why Grosjean’s Crash Escape wasn’t just a matter of “luck”

“We aim for” Vision Zero “and make safety our top priority. Unfortunately, I don’t want to say every weekend, but too often, mainly in national championships and national series, officers, drivers and co-drivers are killed during the event and I want to stop it. .. “

The FIA ​​is investigating all aspects of Grosjean’s crash and will announce the findings later next month.

“Of course, Romain Grosjean is live on TV all over the world and is F1, so we talk a lot about Romain Grosjean,” Todd said. “And of course, I was relieved that he could escape.

“We need to understand why the car was cut in two, the fuel tank exploded, and everything we learned in each accident. Not just the accidents we see in the global media, but everything that happens in motorsports. We have clearly investigated the accidents and deepened our understanding.

“Of course, it has consequences, so it’s probably best encouragement to always be more ambitious about what you want to achieve safely. But what by my predecessor, my team, and myself in the last decade. It is very encouraging to take further steps to improve safety when we see what has happened. “

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Todd vows to “further improve safety” in the wake of Grosjean’s crash-Race Fans Todd vows to “further improve safety” in the wake of Grosjean’s crash-Race Fans

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