TokTik ColorPick is an interactive adaptation of these paint-mixed TikTokvids.

In fact, there is good controversy that TikTokColorPick is the act of seeing the paint get wet. Inspired by TikTok artist Christian M Hull’s “#guessthepaint” video, Tiny Islands creator David King has created an interactive toy that guesses his paint without making a fortune in B & Q. Hey, if it’s free and tonight’s time has passed, it may be worth a blow.

However, please refer to my advice. In most cases it will be beige.

If you’re not familiar with the catalog of Maru’s work (and I didn’t know until Alice O dropped this story on my digital desk), you can see an example under King’s announcement. .. It’s especially important to pick this video as it forms the core of everything King takes into account in Color Pick.

Using this wild clip as a foundation, ColorPick is intolerable of its adaptation. Music, embarrassed facial expressions, splashes of selected background colors, tap taps on paint can hammers are rendered in chunky 3D. It’s beautiful, but it just adds a foley of mouth sounds throughout.

It’s also bloody and difficult. It’s been a very hot time since I thought about color seriously. Attempting to mentally mix the palette of mind canvases in such a short amount of time can be quite stressful. Fortunately, there are only four options to choose from. Unfortunately, that number grows with each successful guess, giving you more options. At least it’s easier than the vast rainbow options Maru is considering for his performance.

My best winning streak was one, so that wasn’t the problem anyway.

TokTik ColorPick is free to play on the King’s Itch page of your browser. While you are there, I sincerely recommend checking out the small islands of both archipelago puzzles and building them’em up Let’s Go Build A-both very realistic and very A good little daily task.

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TokTik ColorPick is probably the opposite of watching paint dry

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