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Tom Brady, who played against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, was one of the most productive games of his entire career. Take a look at his advanced metrics to see how this performance overlaps with other games. Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB.

Tom Brady’s box score statistics were spectacular on Sunday

Purely looking at his box score statistics, Brady had one of the better games that can be seen from the quarterback. He threw at 411 yards and five touchdowns, and he did it without Rob Gronkowski, who was playing well before his injury.

It’s a performance that seemed impossible just a few years ago and only serves as more evidence that the divorce from New England was good for Brady.

Advanced indicators are also positively reflected in the Buccaneers QB

Having played against a team of dolphins that appear to be completely on the verge of collapse, you may be wondering how much inventory you can actually put into Brady’s performance. Fortunately, you can look at advanced metrics. In this case, you can see what the traditional statistics show.

As proof, let’s look at Offensive value indicator (OVM). OVM is a rating system created by the (Bx) movement that rates players based on how much they contribute to the creation of the statistics, not the statistics themselves.

In the fifth week, Brady’s OVM grade declined consistently weekly in the season, starting at 27.63 in the first week and steadily declining to 19.71 in the fourth week.

However, against dolphins, Brady got a grade of 33.95. This was the seventh highest of all quarterbacks in the fifth week and Brady’s highest score of the season.

Not only did that grade mean Brady was very productive on Sunday, but he was a more efficient quarterback than any other time of the season.

Advanced indicators behind Brady’s excellent performance last week

To explain why Brady’s performance in Week 5 was so impressive, we need to look at the advanced indicators needed to calculate it and compare it to his performance earlier in the year. ..

First, the Buccaneers QB consistently pushed the ball into the downfield, averaging 10.02 yards per completion. It was the fifth farthest distance in the NFL on Sunday. Meanwhile, he averaged 6.2 air yards per completion. Both marks were Brady’s second best of the season.

Despite airing it, he completed 73.2% of pass attempts. This is the fifth highest percentage of the week and the second highest percentage of the Brady season. The NFL predicted that number was 7.8% higher than expected (8th best of the week). It was Brady’s best mark in 2021 with over 3%.

Indeed, this season Brady has performed better in certain areas than Sunday in other weeks. But Week 5 was the only game he did well in every way.

Comparison of Brady’s weekly results from 2020

Let’s look back at 2020’s performance in several situations to determine if Brady’s 5th week performance is a sign of the future.

In the graph below, you can see Brady’s weekly results for last season marked with black dots. For comparison, the average regular season grade for the 2020 quarterback is shown by the yellow line.

As you can see, Brady was pretty inconsistent. Many of his achievements were above the league average, but covered a wide range. He had multiple grades of less than 20 points, but none of them.

However, he achieved the best result of the season at 56.04 in the 16th week. This is the best result I got in the 2020 quarterback. After all, most of his grades were 20-40 points.

Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be a specific pattern. Brady didn’t have a long stretch in the lower or upper grades, which has interesting implications. On the one hand, that means his performance on Sunday will not necessarily translate into the next few weeks. On the other hand, it indicates that his early season trends were likely not a sign of any overall return.

Can he keep the momentum against the Philadelphia Eagles?

Despite his extraordinary success on Sunday, Brady may not see the same explosive numbers in Thursday Night Football against the Eagles. Philadelphia’s defense has not yet allowed 300 yards of passers-by, but it also does not allow rushing less than 100 yards in the game. It makes sense for Tampa Bay to adopt a more execution-focused strategy.

Of course, quarterbacks can get high OVM grades without exceptional box score statistics. See if Brady can continue to lead your team to efficient success.

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Tom Brady rebounds in Miami vs. dominant fashion in week 5 Tom Brady rebounds in Miami vs. dominant fashion in week 5

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