Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cel Anime Series First Look Disappoints Uneasy Fans

Netflix is ​​Tom Clancy’s Sprinter cell.. And the look is all they got. Many weren’t happy with the single image posted, showing the title and gloomy interpretation of the main character, Sam Fisher. Probably the last day of Netflix’s nerd week, fans were expecting a little more after being teased that something would come throughout the week.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell First Look

The announcement revealed that, John Wick creator Derek Kolstatt You’ll be on board to write the series, which wasn’t enough to soothe some of the people who were eager to watch the news and wait. You would think they were able to provide at least one cast member, or a standalone image. Anything would have been better than this.

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“This really looks like what it looks like,” said one user. “This is equivalent to the release of the PS5 logo and the release of Metroid Prime 4. Why use it as part of the show? You can also advertise” Sam Fisher is back. ” “

Many others called Ubisoft, Maker of Splinter Cell Game SeriesRequests to know that there are installments for the next console. One said, “Give me a new Splinter Cell game!” And another said, “@Ubisoft literally offers all the iterations of Sam Fisher, but the actual new Splinter Cell game laughs.” .. But I will cherish the new games in the series. And the last game on the road was, “Hey @Ubisoft, stop trolling Splinter Selfan. It’s unusually cruel at this point.”

Many other users asked who would speak out the protagonist and said they wouldn’t be interested in seeing it unless they were Michael Ironside.For those who don’t know, Michael Ironside is known to movie lovers for his role in movies such as: Total recall, scanner And Space warriorProvides the voice of Sprinter cell Video game series character Sam Fisher. As always with these things, fans tend to be attached to the people who play their beloved characters, so Netflix The reason is clear, as they haven’t decided to use Ironside’s services in their new venture.

Tom clancy Sprinter cell The video game series First released in 2002With a series of novel tie-ups by the author of Jack Ryan novel. Although there are numerous entries on various consoles and the game is building a huge fan base, Sprinter cell: Blacklist Back in 2013, fans are constantly disappointed that there are no additions other than the upcoming VR version.

Netflix’s announcement helped us know that we couldn’t see any new articles yet, but this little glimpse of virtually nothing is far below the kind of news they expected to hear today. is. The cast and production dates haven’t been announced, so you may have to wait a long time for the series to go on sale.

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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cel Anime Series First Look Disappoints Uneasy Fans

https://movieweb.com/splinter-cell-netflix-series-first-look-fan-reactions/ Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cel Anime Series First Look Disappoints Uneasy Fans

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