Tom Hanks unveils Bold’s new look as Colonel Tom Parker at Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Biopick

Tom Hanks unveiled his bold new look Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Biopick.. After hitting some big speed bumps earlier this year, production is running again in Australia. Hanks plays Colonel Tom Parker, the infamous manager of Elvis Presley. In March, he and his wife, Rita Wilson, were infected with COVID and forced to quarantine, resulting in production suspension.

In a new interview Tom Hanks Revealed that shooting has resumed Elvis biography. He also showed interviewer Graham Norton a freshly shaved head for that role. “Let me show you the horrifying haircut I have to do … Check out this horrifying thing-can you see it? Look at it! Look at that goofy thing Please … I scared the kids. I want to apologize. “Hanks is completely bald and may learn to live with it in time, but he actually sees at this point. It’s easy to see that it’s not.

Relation: The day before The Sopranos, Tom Hanks’ Elvis movie was postponed at Warner Bros.

This isn’t the first time Tom Hanks has shaved his head for a movie role. In 1993, the actor shaved his head Philadelphia, Won him Academy awards The 66th Academy Award for Best Actor. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Hanks with a shaved head this year.After returning from Australia, the actor first joined Saturday night live An episode at home where he made the opening confession.At that time, his hair had come back after being separated Presley The biography is set for about a month.

Tom Hanks’ latest movie, News of the World is currently showing in some cinemas In the world. The VOD release date is set to January 15, 2021. Actors are looking forward to people watching movies. He recently shared why he signed on to that role. “First of all, the real job itself, the news reader, the man who travels from town to town to educate and connect the audience of diverse small towns, Wichita Falls, what are you doing? That’s what I have. I thought it was a job I had, and I wanted it if I lived in the 1870s, “says Hanks. “I found it fascinating, because it’s not just about providing services, it’s like providing connections that people don’t have.” At the time of writing this article, the movie was a viewer. Has been well received by critics and critics.

The· Elvis Presley The film is currently filming Austin Butler as the title role in Australia. The project was first announced in April 2014 when Baz Luhrmann entered into negotiations to lead the project, and was written by Kelly Marcel. However, it will take another five years before the official announcement. Tom Hanks signed on first, followed by Butler.Thanks, you can check out Hanks’ new haircut above Graham Norton Show YouTube channel.

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Tom Hanks unveils Bold’s new look as Colonel Tom Parker at Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Biopick

https://movieweb.com/elvis-movie-tom-hanks-bald/ Tom Hanks unveils Bold’s new look as Colonel Tom Parker at Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Biopick

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