Tom Hardy looks back on Mad Max: Fury Road: “It was ultimately a Friosa movie.”

More than six years after Mad Max: Fury Road and Tom Hardy’s release, Tom Hardy revealed in a new interview that he believes it’s ultimately a Friosa movie. ..

Hardy, who played Max in the movie, Esquire About many aspects of his life and career in acting, including Fury Road. Hardy said he felt the film represented a change of guards between his character and Furiosa from a franchise perspective.

“It was a Friosa movie in the end and it was great,” Hardy said. “Fury Road. Friosa. It was in the title. It was a very well implemented guard change. (Mirrors) still got Mad Max, but he split the feed into two characters. It’s really really cool. ”

Hardy looks back at the film, which is very “a hand switch from Mad Max to Furiosa” in a way. The first part of Fury Road called Furiosa is in progress..

Charlize Theron’s captain Furiosa is about Furiosa, but this time Anya Taylor Joy, teeth Scheduled to land in the theater in 2023..directed by George Miller wants to make a Friosa movie from 2016, And he made fun of it earlier this year It has a very different structure from Fury Road...

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Only time knows exactly what that means, but it’s safe to say that Friosa doesn’t focus on the long car chase of his predecessor.

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