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Tom Krueger joins Qumu as CFO

Kum As of December 6, 2021, we have appointed Senior Financial Officer Tom Krueger as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Krueger’s leadership and experience navigating the high-growth technology market will help Qumu continue to transform into SaaS First. (Software-as-a-Service) An organization that provides services to globally dispersed companies.

Krueger brings over 20 years of financial experience to Qumu, Khoros, Meltwater, Salesforce And Sun Microsystems. He recently served as CFO and Treasury Vice President of Khoros, a SaaS-based customer engagement software company with over $ 200 million, following the merger of Lithium and Spredfast in 2018.

In addition to demonstrating leadership in the merger, Kluger assisted in the final decision on the company’s subsequent strategic acquisitions, developing and executing operational plans and driving financial integration.

Prior to Khoros, he led the financial planning and analysis of Meltwater, a $ 165 million SaaS-based social media monitoring business. Kluger previously held various financial and sales leadership roles at Salesforce, including Director, Sales Strategy Cloud Team, and Finance Director. He began his professional career as a US Navy officer, where he helped navigate nuclear submarines.

Kluger holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Villanova University and an MBA from Georgetown University.

“Tom is Qumu’s ideal financial leader at this stage of our continued evolution to a SaaS-first organization,” said TJ Kennedy, President and CEO. “His extensive experience and solid track record in building financial teams, processes and scalable infrastructure are all key needs for accelerating organic growth and transforming our business over the last two decades. Tom’s expertise and leadership gained in collaboration with key technology organizations helped guide and execute cloud strategies, ultimately establishing Qumu as a large, profitable, subscription-driven company. I’m sure it will help you. “

Kluger commented: “One thing is that the company is focused on change, but it’s not what makes it really successful, especially when it comes to SaaS-based transformation. That’s why we join Qumu’s leadership team. I’m very excited about what I can do. I believe in the company and its vision of delivering enterprise video to organizations around the world, and I hope Qumu will implement a strategic roadmap and expand to the leading SaaS enterprises. I look forward to helping you. “

Tom Krueger joins Qumu as CFO Tom Krueger joins Qumu as CFO

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