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Tom Wilson is a sneaky person.After hitting the defenseless Pavel Buchnevic In my head on the ice, He hit Artemi Panarin with his body, Those who did not come back.. It was enough for Caps to tie it in the second half and lead in the third early stage.TheΒ· Rangers There wasn’t their best player, and it showed.

That said, Cap dominated the game. Most of this game was in the Rangers Zone. The Rangers had less than 40% CF and less than 30% xGF in most games. The fact that the Rangers had been in the game for some time was a borderline miracle. This wasn’t a game the Rangers deserved to win.

Cap 1, Rangers 0 – Poor play in neutral zone

This was a bad neutral zone positioning by Tarmo Reunanen, and Puck reached Nic Dowd through him. But it’s also where Sheschokin needs to rescue his rookie teammates.

Cap 2, Rangers 0 – Strange bad play?

Connor Sialie was a little lucky with this, but it’s the second weakest goal on the border by Igor Sheschokin. The puck was distracted by Sialie alone, but the shot was where Sheschokin probably wanted to return.

Cap 2, Rangers 1 – Hi, Goal

The Rangers made some great passes to break through the neutral zone and win zone entries, so Mikaji Banejad opened along the board with the speed of passing through the neutral zone. Then it was a fast transition and was shot by Zibanejad.

Rangers 2, Cap 2 – Second time attractive

After hitting the crossbar, the Rangers did cap scrambling. Then it was just going through quite a bit. If the cap couldn’t be cleared following the crossbar, it was only a matter of time.

Rangers 3, Cap 2 – Pinch Defense

The Rangers picked up the cap and caught them, and they went to the race. This was also a great cuckoo finish and a great pass spray. Note where the parentheses received the pass before pushing it into Vanesek. His arms were stretched and not swarming on his body. progress.

Cap 3, Rangers 3 – No pack support

I don’t actually ride the rookie because of the defensive zone turnover, but I ride the other members of the team because he didn’t give Candre Miller an outlet when he was under pressure. They just stood there. That led to this goal.

Cap 4, Rangers 3 – Whif

This was cruel Brendan Smith.. He just grabbed the pass and Daniel Sprong scored.

Cap 5, Rangers 3 – Split Defense

The Rangers didn’t expect the pass to pass, so Niclas Buckstrom split the defense here. Backstrom then used his smooth hands to roof. As far as I know, this game ended in 5-3.

Shot heatmap – clear as day

Wilson aside, the Rangers never had a chance with this. I’m still surprised that this was a close match on the scoreboard.

Skater’s result-it’s very bad

Is this a surprise given what the heatmap of a shot looks like?But hey, how about that Capo parenthesis??

Three meaningless hockey games are left for the Rangers. But if there’s one thing that connects us all, it’s that Tom Wilson is a sneaky person.

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Tom Wilson is a sneaky man as a Rangers caps down Tom Wilson is a sneaky man as a Rangers caps down

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