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At Halloween Havoc 2021 last night, Tommaso Ciampa maintained the NXT Championship with a bron breaker. Despite being a rookie, Breaker took part in his favorite betting odds match and many considered it a guarantee that he would win the title.

So why didn’t he do that? Was this a mistake or was this the right call?

Your overall perception of it is subjective, so you may like it, hate it, or be indifferent to it as you like, but what if you approach it from an objective point of view? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this booking decision? And what could happen in the future?

Pro: That was unexpected

As I said, everyone seemed to be confident that the breaker would be the next champion. Retaining Champa wasn’t the most shocking thing in WWE’s history, but it was still amazing.

Sometimes it’s good to keep the audience on your toes. If everything predicts too much, you really become someone like you, listening to the match in another room and saying, “The finisher will happen. The match is over.” Commentary About the team’s rhythm and the WWE metaphor I had too much training to complete in 5 seconds.

Whenever there is something amazing, it means there can be more surprises on the horizon. If I didn’t call on Champa Hold, could I be wrong about other predictions in the future? Check it out!

Cons: Was it for Swerve?

It’s worth noting that from time to time, WWE and even the fans themselves may want a swab just for it, regardless of the outcome. Some people prioritize surprises as a deal that is simply greater than the overall value.

For example, Brock Lesnar didn’t have to win the title from Goldberg just to hold it for a year and keep Roman Reigns. Another rematch he held was just to drop into the Rains of SummerSlam. Predictably, it makes sense that The Beast Incarnate lost it in WrestleMania that year and didn’t panic for another four months. But WWE may have done it just to prove that everyone who “knows” the result was wrong. C. screw you.

I don’t know if that is the case here. At least I hope it isn’t. I didn’t like WWE being willing to go crazy just to prove points to angry fans.

Pro: The breaker can go somewhere from here

The more optimistic view that the breaker loses is that he doesn’t stagnate so quickly.

Often, if someone wins the title too quickly, there’s nothing left for them to do. They quickly become just “top guys” in the eyes of fans, defeating all their enemies and getting bored.

Now that he hasn’t won, he needs to prove that he deserves another title shot and return to the fight. It may be an interesting journey to see while others step up to Champa and fail.

Or perhaps if Champa loses the title before that, the breaker can be in the next line to challenge that Super star.

Losing is not the end of the world. The breaker fought a great fight and soon tried to welcome Champa. This shows that he has the potential and still takes over as a threat to watch, but he happens to be beaten by a veteran.

Cons: Breaker needs to climb mountain again

Not surprisingly, the downside is that the breaker loses momentum and has to go behind the line again. In a way, it didn’t help anything from his point of view, right? He didn’t win the title, so he has to go back to the top like Sisyphus.

Maybe fans don’t want to see it right away. This trip could have been a one-time deal, and the next time WWE tries to raise him, fans won’t care anymore. They have already seen him stand up and lack. What is a “rematch” draw / hook? It may not have been built to deserve its re-ascension, and it just feels like a slogan to overcome.

Pro: It celebrates the age of black and gold

Obviously, WWE thought NXT was a broken system due to the loss of AEW’s reputation and needed to be improved. If I were in their position, I wouldn’t have had the theme of the white and paint splatter “NXT 2.0”, but whatever. That’s what WWE has done, and they’ve been clamoring for it for the past few weeks.

Last night it would have been easy to crown all the new champions to prove that the new guards are here and the old guards need to leave. But when held by Champa, WWE means they aren’t willing to throw their baby completely out of the bath water.

So far, whether you take a negative view or not, NXT is basic and a big problem. It is loved by many fans and WWE should be proud of it. Some of the company’s greatest talents have come through this system, and it deserves not dying as a loser.

What Champa holds means that there is still awe for the age of black and gold. This isn’t one of the most transparent ways WWE could do it, the epic type of “we’re starting anew because everything was bad before.”

Thus, Champa fans and old-fashioned ways are not downplayed, as it is said that it is wrong to have liked things for years.

Cons: It goes against the youth movement

Again, if the whole point is to move forward, why not do it with Breakker? Champa isn’t offering anything new to the table. I’ve seen what his title looks like. Besides finding new opponents to refresh things, is Champa as a champion going to get some fans interested?

There is an argument that the breaker should have won because it stamped the new variety. The lack of breakers means he is not yet a man. If he was the best person he had to offer in NXT 2.0, the rest is a sort of trick that some fans may not be interested in seeing progress.

Personally, I think Champa should keep it, but you can see this turning off people who want something new.

Pro: Champa gets a boost

Generally speaking, Champa’s victory also increases his credibility. His reign was longer, he wasn’t punctured by a new child, and he held Goldie as promised.

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Tommaso Ciampa’s pros and cons defeating Bronbreaker in Halloween turmoil Tommaso Ciampa’s pros and cons defeating Bronbreaker in Halloween turmoil

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