Tomorrow: Ready Player Two is on sale

Good news for book readers. ReadyPlayerTwo will arrive on November 24th (tomorrow, fii). Even better, you can now save on hardcover or Kindle version pre-orders on Amazon in the US, and UK readers can pre-order at 10% off. Ready Player Two is a sequel to Ernest Cline’s 2011 hugely successful novel Ready Player One. Little is known about the Ready Player Two when it comes to plotting, but assuming it’s a direct sequel to the original, it could dig deeper into the mechanics of the virtual real world of Oasis. You can also expect a flood of references to 1980s video games and other pop culture. (Note to UK readers: Click the link below to go to

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Even if you haven’t read a book or watched a Spielberg movie, I won’t ruin the original. You have enough time to catch up from now on until the arrival of the sequel. And what do you know, you can still get books and movies at a discounted rate.

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