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Tony Heatherington: Did the gold coins remain at the front door?

Tony Hetherington, Sunday’s Ace investigator Financial Mail, fought the reader’s corner, uncovering the truth behind the closed room, and winning the victory for those left behind at his own expense. Find out how to contact him below.

RM writing: I’m a 73-year-old pensioner and bought an ounce of gold coins from the Royal Mint for my grandchildren. The total cost was £ 11,000. The Royal Mint said the coins were delivered by a professional courier and required a signature.

When they didn’t arrive, I contacted the Royal Mint, and after a while, a courier came to my door and tried to invite me to sign a coin that I never received. did. When I refused, the courier said he would go to the police, so I told him to do so.

The Royal Mint itself said it would not accept my claim unless I filed a crime report, but police said it could not accept my report without evidence of the crime. increase.

Gifts: £ 11,000 worth of coins were purchased from the Royal Mint for grandchildren

Tony Hetherington’s reply: You were caught between the Royal Mint and a difficult place. How can you prove that a crime has been committed? On the surface, the failure to supply the ordered gold coins is a breach of contract, not a crime. So you were left spinning in a circle, claiming that the Royal Mint supplied the coin. According to the Royal Mint, the gold coins were sent in a package delivered by the courier company UPS. However, thanks to Covid, UPS says it has stopped getting signatures on delivery. So does this mean that a package containing £ 11,000 of gold may simply have been thrown away at your doorstep?

UPS refused to say. Did someone at the UPS request a signature after the delivery date? Again, UPS refused to say. That was all it told me: “We are contacting and cooperating with the police while the police are investigating this cargo.”

At least this means that the police haven’t dealt with you, but have accepted the report from UPS. Probably because the UPS did not deny that it had gold coins and was responsible for safe delivery.

So where does this leave the Royal Mint? I asked the staff there if the UPS knew the package was very valuable. I asked if the UPS was instructed to get a delivery signature.

Royal Mint staff asked if they were aware that the UPS itself was unlikely to get a signature and could leave luggage at the front door. And I wondered if the gold coins sent to the customer were insured on the way. The Royal Mint told me that the coins are in a “discreet package”. This does not clearly indicate whether the UPS knows what it is. Was the UPS told to get a signature? Royal Mint just turned me to UPS’s own website, saying it stopped requesting signatures.

Is it possible that £ 11,000 of gold is left at the front door? Royal Mintha refused to say, except to tell me: “We have strict standards for our delivery partners to ensure the safe delivery of our products. Has been established. “

And what about insurance? Royal Mentha said: “We are implementing all relevant protections to provide our customers with peace of mind.” Well, this was a grand failure!

I informed the Royal Mint that the answer was a cup-out, not an answer at all.

Finally, last Thursday, I was told, “Yes, I have all the insurance related to delivery.” And best of all, after playing dead bats for days, Royal Mint contacted you and said he would replace all the missing coins.

I resisted the temptation to send another £ 11,000 of gold via UPS, but please tell me when the coin arrives and if you are asked to sign this time.

Why do I have to pay £ 510 for Southern Water’s mistakes?

JB writes: Hopefully you can come to the rescue of two pensioners who have lost £ 510 due to Southern Water’s incompetence. We found that excess water was passing through the meter, probably due to a leak, listened along the route of the pipe and said the leak was probably under our house.

We then hired an outside company to identify the leak, but found it to be outside our premises boundaries, not under our home.

Southern Water then dug up the pavement for repairs, but was unable to meet repeated requests for £ 510 billed by an outside company that tracked the leak.

Drip Feed: Two pensioners lost £ 510 due to Southern Water's incompetence

Drip Feed: Two pensioners lost £ 510 due to Southern Water’s incompetence

Tony Hetherington’s reply: I asked Southern Water if their engineers mistakenly identified the leak and, if so, why they had to pay for the mistake. A few days later, the water company contacted me that a full payment of £ 510 was in progress.

Southern Water told me: “We apologized to Mr. B. We mistakenly identified this as a leak of his property.” Southern Water also compensates for the leak charged to you. Reduced your water bill for.

Be careful when refunding cruises

MP writing: I’m having trouble getting a £ 4,300 refund paid for my vacation at Cruise & Maritime Voyages.

The trip was canceled by the cruise company and advised to request a refund, but the travel agency instructed to charge directly from the previously folded company.

I tried to charge with the bank card I used to make the reservation, but this also failed, so I applied to the current ABTA.

Tony Hetherington’s reply: Like many tourists, you have been sent from pillar to pillar during the blockade. You booked through the travel agency Althams and explained that it is in about the same position as you. All the money was sent to the collapsed Cruise & Maritime. As a result, Althams was limited to supporting claims to ABTA.

Its staff is less protected from Covid than anyone else, so many people work from home and are less efficient. I asked your bank for comment, but before they did, ABTA withdrew all suspensions and sent a full refund to your bank account, so that’s a happy ending.

If you suspect you are a victim of financial misconduct, contact Tony Hetherington (Financial Mail, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TS) or send an email to tony.hetherington @ please. Due to the large number of inquiries, we cannot answer personally. We are sorry, but please send only a copy of the original.

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Tony Heatherington: Did the gold coins remain at the front door? Tony Heatherington: Did the gold coins remain at the front door?

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