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In an interview with AOL, AEW President Tony Khan said 2021 was the best year the company has ever had in its three-year history. Here is the highlight:

2021 was a great year for AEW. “I think 2021 was the best year I’ve ever had at AEW. This year’s four pay-per-views represent the highest total purchases I’ve ever made, especially the last two shows I’ve done so far. It’s the two biggest pay-per-view total purchases and the biggest revenue show. We’ve also expanded our TV and added a second show on the night of the second day. “

About CM Punk’s return to wrestling was his favorite moment of the year: “When he appeared and his music began to play and heard the reaction from the crowd, it was all together this year for me. It’s my favorite TV wrestling moment and the best I’ve ever done at AEW. “

In deciding who will sign the company, he said: There are some talents, for them because I know they can make a difference here, regardless of how they become available when they become available I want to make a place. There are other times when I may have a particular idea for someone. No one else can do it because there are various factors that I have to consider. New people have a budget to fit the TV, will they be used on the TV soon or in developmental situations, or if they occur, or if we are injured or in a situation I will insure Are you the one who is calling? I need a new face for the mix. This year, names that make a difference are available more than any other year. “

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Tony Khan calls out-of-the-box talent “make a difference” Tony Khan calls out-of-the-box talent “make a difference”

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