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It was in September that Adam Cole decided to sign on to AEW after spending four years at NXT. He dominates the brand and many feel he still dominates in his new home, AEW. Of course, not everyone agrees when it comes to social media.

According to a recent post on social media, some people find Adam Cole underutilized as an AEW wrestler. Many say his run at NXT was in a way much more dominant.

Now, Fightful podcaster Will Washington defended Adam Cole when a Twitter user suggested that this tendency to say that Cole was getting worse was pointless. Had he stayed at WWE and went to the main roster there, he would have been scrutinized in essentially the same way. In essence, he wouldn’t have won whatever he chose. Washington said:

“I don’t even know how bad he is doing. He’s the top guy who faces other top guys and gets a big reaction while traveling the country. Someone did it before. I don’t know how it can be seen as a downgrade from what I was doing. Say like Bucks or Kenny and move on. “

Well, it seems that he wasn’t the only one to defend Adam Cole, as Tony Khan himself rang the chime so quickly. He said:

“It’s an equivalence, Will. They try to move the line at ridiculous points with the aim of challenging the credibility of what they can trust. Adam Cole is enthusiastic, more than Tuesday. Young fans are watching him and being pushed. If they say the water isn’t wet, would we argue? “

After all, this is just one example of the Internet being the Internet. Opinions are valid, but not everyone agrees. The downside of that is when the facts are distorted. This was what Khan felt needed to fix during very hot hours.

November 29, 2021 19:19

– WWE Sports

Tony Khan opposes criticism of Adam Cole’s AEW booking Tony Khan opposes criticism of Adam Cole’s AEW booking

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